6 Ways to Change Your Behavior

by Kevin on September 17, 2014

Do you sometimes feel as if you don’t have enough control over your life? Since our lives are the result of our long-term behaviors, you can regain control by making positive changes to your behavior patterns.

Following these strategies will make it easier to change your behaviors and exert more control over your experiences:

1. Make the new behavior as enjoyable as possible. For instance, you might dislike exercising, but if you could find a way to make it more enjoyable, you would partake more often in this healthy activity. Maybe you could exercise with a friend or discover a new form of exercise that you enjoy.

• The more agreeable the new task is to you, the more likely you are to do it.

2. Make a list of the positive benefits you’ll receive. By making a list, you’ll begin to see the task in a more positive light. Come up with as many benefits as you can and keep the list in plain view.

• For example, perhaps you feel like you should eat more nutritiously. Some of the positive aspects of healthier eating might include:

- I’ll feel better.
- My clothes will fit better.
- I’ll enjoy more vigorous health.
- I’ll be more attractive.
- I can play with the kids more easily.
- I can go hiking again without tiring half way through the trek.
- I’ll feel a sense of pride.
- I can go to the pool without feeling embarrassed.

3. Make the decision. Just decide that you’re going to do it; often that’s the hardest part. Making a decision is the first step to accomplishment. Until that point, you’re really just wishing.

4. Control your thoughts. If you focus on how much you don’t like doing something, it will be much more difficult to get yourself to do it. Try to catch yourself before you get too far down that road. When a negative thought like this arises, substitute a new thought from the list you made in step #2.

• The more incentive you have, the more likely you are to be successful.

• For example, if you spend all your time focused on how good you’re going to look after eating well for three months, your odds of success go up considerably. On the other hand, if you spend all your time thinking negatively, what do you think the outcome will be?

5. Reward yourself afterwards. A little reward can go a long way. So, after a new behavior has taken root, do something nice for yourself. More importantly, be proud of yourself for following through on any behavior that improves your life.

6. Be diligent. While getting started is often the most difficult part, it can be easy to backslide if you get distracted and stop paying attention. Every day, review how you did. How successful were you with exhibiting the new behavior? Each moment you spend measuring your progress serves as a daily reminder. This will help solidify the behavior.

Changing behaviors can be challenging, but it can improve your life in the long-term. Examine which behaviors you might want to alter to take your life to the next level, and then apply the process above. Be patient with yourself – you may have been doing something a certain way for many years. Some things will take time to change, but you can do it!


How to Attract Money Into Your Life

by Kevin on September 10, 2014

Recently there has been an explosion of discussion regarding the Law of Attraction. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s actually quite simple. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. In other words, you’ll receive good things or bad according to what you focus on.

If you focus on the positive in your life, then more positive things will come your way. If you spend your time and energy focusing on the negative, then you’ll attract more negative things.

You can use these principles to harness the power of the Law of Attraction to attract more money into your life.

Follow these strategies to attract money:

1. Express gratitude. If you want more of something, like money, you must first express gratitude for what you have presently. Gratitude is a powerful positive emotion. Be thankful for all that your Creator has provided you this far.

• You must be sincere in your thanks. If you don’t honestly feel the gratitude, then you won’t be able to attract more of what you want.

• Stay focused on what you do have. Remember, if what you feel and focus on is actually your lack of money, it will only attract more lack back to you.

2. Picture yourself with the money. Visualize it in depth, as if you already have it. You want to see yourself holding the money, touching it, and feeling how happy you are with it in your life.

• Imagine sitting down paying all your bills and buying expensive gifts for those that you love. This will send a positive message out that is to be returned to you.

• Be consistent with sending out these strong positive thoughts and feelings. Mixing it up with negative ones about money sends a conflicting message.

3. Rid yourself of negative thoughts. It’s imperative that you eliminate as many negative feelings as possible. Make a conscious effort to find the positive in everything because your negativity won’t be rewarded with positive results.

• Are there others out there who are positive? You bet! Do your best to find and emulate these people.

• When life hands you a bunch of lemons, it’s time to make lemonade. Find the silver lining or take action to make something positive out of the situation.

4. Have Faith. There are countless documented cases of people who received their heart’s desire by using the principles found in the Law of Attraction. Those people are no different from you!

• Faith is a positive feeling. If you truly want to attract more money into your life, then faith is a must. You have to believe deep down that something like this can and will happen to you.

• It’s time to truly believe that you’re deserving of anything you desire.

The Law of Attraction has helped many people live their dreams. By following its simple principles, it can happen to you as well. Profess an open mind, a willing heart, and a joyful spirit and, in return, you will be rewarded with whatever you request!

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