Everyone makes mistakes and fails at certain points in life; that’s simply unavoidable. It’s the steps you take after you fall flat on your face that matter, and they’ll make all the difference between your future successes or failures.

It All Comes Down To Attitude

You might not realize how important attitude is in life. A positive attitude gives you an extra drive. If you fall on your face, you simply brush yourself off and come back even stronger with more determination. You realize that all is not said and done, and you’re going to take this situation and turn it into success no matter what.

A negative attitude has a lesson to teach you as well. You can say to yourself that it’s not meant to be or that you simply don’t have the ability or talent to succeed. It’s certainly a valid coping mechanism for dealing with failure, but it’s never going to lead you to success. If you want to succeed, you must adopt a positive attitude.

Learn From Your Mistakes

Every mistake you make has a lesson to teach you. Whether or not you’re willing to analyze and listen is a different story. You might be unhappy with what happened, but it’s possible that you’d never have learned an important life lesson without that particular failure.

You must remain open to learning from your mistakes. Not only can it lead you to future success, but it also can stop you from making the same mistake twice.

When you’ve fallen flat on your face, it’s usually shocking and sudden. But since you now have a positive attitude, you can use that to help you figure out why it happened. Once you discover why, you can make changes that will lead you to success.

Don’t Be Embarrassed

It can be embarrassing when you fail, especially when other people know about it. Avoid letting it slow you down. Bring out your “that’s just a part of life” attitude and keep on going. When you fall, you simply need to stand back up.

Trial And Error

Sometimes certain things in life come down to simple trial and error. It’s not always the most time-efficient method of figuring something out, but sometimes you have no other choice.

Trial and error means that you might end up failing many times before you reach success. Once you have success though, it makes your journey worth it. Some people are lucky and they don’t run into as many “errors” as other people because everyone has their unique path.

Failure is Just a Stepping Stone to Success

Always remember that failure is never truly a failure if you’re still trying. A failure is only a true failure if you’ve given up.

There are times when you may feel like giving up, because it’s natural to feel that way. Ask anyone who has reached success if they ever felt like giving up. They’ll likely tell you that they encountered problems several times on their road to success. They’ll also tell you that, despite their feelings, they never gave into them.

Successful people are those who just don’t give up. They don’t take no for an answer no matter what. They have persistence and perseverance. There’s no reason why you can’t be one of these people.

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Learning Basic Yoga Breathing Techniques

by Kevin on April 15, 2015

One of the basic yoga techniques essential to a satisfying yoga practice is the simple art of proper breathing. By following these easy breathing tips, you’ll discover the benefits of the yoga breath.

1. Sit comfortably. There are many “correct” ways to sit during a yoga practice. The key is to find the seated posture that fits your body best. Sitting cross-legged on the floor is the position most closely associated with yoga classes.

• You may wish to use a folded blanket or pillow to raise yourself off the floor, thereby allowing your knees to feel less stress. Your hands may rest on your knees with your palms facing upward.

• It’s important for your head, neck, and spine to be in as near perfect alignment as is comfortable for you. Yoga shouldn’t hurt. Ensure you’re in the most comfortable seated position for your own body.

2. Become aware of your breath. Most of us breathe throughout the day without any conscious thought about the breathing process. Yoga can change all that! Now that you’ve found your comfortable sitting position, you’re ready to concentrate on your breathing.

• Free your mind of all thoughts. If you feel comfortable, close your eyes. Concentration without any outside stimuli will enable you to focus more clearly on your breathing.

3. Begin yoga breathing. Inhale deeply, filling the lungs to capacity. Feel your chest rise with the breath. Feel a slight pause as you begin to exhale. Think only about your breathing. Count the seconds it takes to complete one full inhale and one full exhale. Gradually increase the amount of time for each inhale and exhale.

• Ideally, the timing of your inhale and exhale should be the same. Resist the urge to inhale slowly and then exhale quickly. If you can, spend at least five seconds on each inhale and five seconds on each exhale.

4. Calm the mind. Notice how you feel after spending a few minutes practicing the yoga breathing. A sense of peace and calmness begins to overtake your body and mind. You can feel your muscles begin to relax.

• Yoga breathing has many benefits beyond the physical. Your body will appreciate the intake of oxygen-rich air and your mind will appreciate the retreat from the stresses of the day!

5. Add movement to yoga breathing. Simple movements added to yoga breathing can relax the body or warm it up for additional yoga postures. While seated, put your chin on your chest and slowly rotate your head from your right shoulder to your back, then to your left shoulder and finally to your chest again. After a minute or two, reverse direction.

• You should be concentrating on your yoga breathing (slowly inhaling and exhaling fully) as you move your head.

• Here’s another simple movement you can add to your yoga breathing: While seated, stretch your hands out from the sides of your body. As you inhale, slowly raise your hands overhead allowing your palms to touch. Pause for a second, and as you exhale slowly, bring your hands back down to the floor.

• Continue with this movement, ensuring that your breathing matches the movement. Inhale, hands rise to touch. Exhale, lower hands to floor.

Basic yoga breathing can be done anytime, anywhere. Don’t wait for yoga class to receive the benefits of this wonderful, calming technique!


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