Do you ever feel like your productivity level is slipping a bit? You thought you’d get four projects done today but you completed only two. You ask yourself where the time goes and you’ve noticed you’re feeling disappointed in yourself and how you perform at work or at home.

So what can you do to increase your efficiency and get more out of your life?

Use these tips as inspiration:

1. Hit the ground running. Be ready to go to work as soon as you arrive, whether you’re headed to work or home. Using the example of work, imagine yourself driving or riding to the office. Think about what it’s going to be like when you get there.

• Do you have three large stacks of paperwork to do? Think about what you’ll do first. Perhaps you can complete that project you started last Friday with just a couple more hours of work. Put your mind ahead of your body’s arrival so you can get started quickly.

2. Learn to anticipate. When you ponder what will be happening when you arrive, you’ll be ready to meet whatever challenge is occurring at the time. You might think, “I know the kids will be hungry for a snack. I’ll get out that fruit salad from yesterday and give them glasses of juice right away so I can get to the laundry.” Anticipate what might happen.

3. Develop a method of keeping track of tasks that works for you. Whether it’s speaking your list into your smartphone, jotting down things to do in your calendar, or carrying a spiral notebook, having a running list to look at or listen to will help you get more things done.

• Having some way to check-off items is helpful so you can tell at a glance which tasks you’ve completed and which ones remain.

• Try a couple of methods until you find the list that’s easiest for you to use. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. The one that helps you get the most done is the one you should stick with.

4. Politely tell others you don’t “have a minute.” If you’re at work and people stop by your office to chat, feel free to say, “I’m sorry. I can’t talk right now but I’d love to have lunch today and hear more about this.” When you don’t allow yourself to be interrupted, you can get a lot more done. Plus, others learn to avoid interrupting your work time.

5. Keep meetings brief. If you’re in a position to have control over meetings at work, make a goal to meet for 30 minutes max. If you go into a meeting with a written agenda, you’ll be ready to cover your points quickly.

6. Reinforce your efforts to achieve. Praise yourself each day. Maybe you completed a work project you’ve been working on for several weeks or cooked a great meal for friends and family. Recognize the efforts you make to complete tasks.

7. Allow yourself plenty of time in the morning. If you need an hour to shower, have breakfast and get your task list written for the day, then get up early enough to have your full hour. When you respect your own needs, you’ll be better emotionally prepared to get things accomplished.

Even if you feel like you never get anything accomplished, the great news is that you’ve got lots of choices when it comes to increasing your efficiency. Perhaps while reading this list you were inspired to come up with your own methods to get more done in a day. That’s great! Try them all. The strategies that work for you are the ones worth continuing.

If you put forth some effort to change your approach, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see you’re getting more done each and every day.

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9 Good Reasons Why You Should Ask for Help

by Kevin on July 22, 2015

If you have confidence, think independently, and make your own choices in life, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to discover you prefer to figure out things for yourself. Because you’re so self-assured, you might not like to ask for help, even if it’s necessary.

Whether we like it or not, all of us could benefit from time to time by accepting a hand from another human being. Not only that, but when you ask for assistance, other people also stand to benefit in ways you might not have considered.

Contemplate these reasons why you may want to ask someone to help you, even if you find it challenging:

1. You accomplish the goal you’re after. If you need to get to that job interview and your car is still in the shop, go ahead and ask your friend to drive you. If you have a goal you want to achieve and you can accomplish it with a bit of help, then ask for and accept assistance.

2. You show that you’re human. If you’re full of confidence and seem to always do everything right, people can easily put you on a pedestal. However, when you request aid from others, they realize that even someone like you falters once in a while as you’re trying to carve a path through life. This can be really inspirational.

3. You set an effective example. This applies to co-workers, friends, and family members. If you just go straight to the point and request a hand as soon as you recognize you’re going to need it, you help to de-stigmatize the whole idea of getting help.

• When your friends and family face a challenge, they’ll think, “Jeff didn’t hesitate to seek out some extra help right away whenever he needed it and that’s so smart. I’m going to do it, too.” Then, you get the opportunity to be helpful to them, too!

4. You give others a chance to help you. Most people feel very good about themselves when they are able to extend assistance to others. You’re allowing others to feel those rewarding emotions whenever you request a hand from them.

5. The level of stress you’re experiencing will drop. It can be very stressful when something goes wrong. Anxieties and worries develop and persist. The longer you worry about the situation, the worse you feel. Getting help means you can avoid all that distress.

6. You develop a true appreciation for others. You’ll love seeing concrete proof that others want to see you be successful in life.

7. You enhance your relationships. When you request aid from a friend or relative, that person feels emotionally closer to you. After all, if you feel comfortable enough to reach out for help, that’s quite a compliment to the other person. Plus, when the person comes to your aid, you’ll recognize how much that person really cares about you.

8. Reciprocation feels great. Doing something as thanks to the friend who helped you will bring pleasure to both of you.

9. You show that you’re an efficient “manager” of your own life. You can either spend time, emotional energy, and hours of lost sleep trying to figure an issue out on your own or you can ask for help and get it quickly taken care of. Which method is more efficient?

You now see some of the many good reasons why you may want to go ahead and ask for help. Giving and receiving assistance can enrich your life. You’ll strengthen your relationships and be a better person for it!

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Introduction to Vision Boards

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