A Simple Process to Transform Your Life

by Kevin on October 1, 2014

Changing your life is possible. It only requires a few key ingredients: a plan, patience, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone. If you’ve really struggled with life, it can be helpful to start small. Achieving a few small successes will give you the confidence to move forward with larger changes.

Follow this process to transform your life into the one you truly want to live:

1. Choose the thing that will have the greatest impact. Examine your life and think about every change you would like to make. Then put the list in order from the most desirable change to least.

• Now, start at the top and look down the list; stop at the first thing you can change in a relatively short period.

2. Set a goal. What could you achieve in 8-12 weeks around the topic you identified in step #1? Be bold; you’re far more capable than you think!

• Write out specifically what you intend to accomplish, such as, “On or before July 15th, I will have increased my income to $6,000 a month by finding a part-time job.”

3. Reflect on what has stopped you. Something has stopped you so far; figure out what that something is. Is it a lack of knowledge of how to do it? Is it fear? Capability is rarely the problem; most likely, you’ll find that fear or doubt is at the root of what has prevented you from aggressively taking action.

4. Address the issues in Step #3. Whatever has been stopping you up to this point isn’t going to go away on its own. Come up with a plan to eliminate the challenge. Including simple tools like meditation can boost your success in overcoming these challenges.

• A good test is to think about what you’ll have to go through to achieve your goal; if you feel anything but positive and excited, you have some work to do. This is feedback from your unconscious, so don’t ignore it – use it. It’s a gift.

5. Review your goal daily (at least). Continuing to reinforce your goal will maintain its priority in your mind. Look at it every day and read it aloud. Imagine accomplishing your goal. The tougher the goal, the more frequently you should reinforce it.

6. Have a course of action. A basic plan divided into a list of small steps, or daily activities to accomplish, can be your road map to your goal. Big goals usually require a lot of action steps, but you can achieve them by following your map, one step at a time. Make a plan and work the plan.

7. Track your progress. It’s important to measure how you’re doing. For example, if you have a money-related goal, how much have you made so far? How much time is left until your deadline? Are you behind or ahead of schedule? Always know where you stand relative to the achievement of your goal.

8. Don’t stop. If you don’t quit, you can’t fail.

Transforming your life is a noble pursuit and one of the most meaningful things you can do for yourself. But it’s not for the faint of heart. Be patient – you’re not going to change everything overnight. Knock off a few of the easier items first. The confidence you gain will guide you through the tougher challenges.


Most of us can’t deny that life gets way too busy. So busy, sometimes, that you may feel like you don’t have time to take care of yourself. In order to embrace all that life has to offer, move self-care to the top of your list.

The rituals you practice to take care of your mind, body and soul can be soothing and contribute to the contentment and joy you feel in everything you do.

Review these self-care rituals to remind yourself how important you are. Then, revive some of your own practices or add new ones that soothe you.

1. Practice soothing, healthful skin care. Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, your skin needs all the help it can get. After all, skin protects you 24/7.

• Morning and evening, clean, tone and moisturize your face.
• Apply lotion to your body at least once a day to protect your skin from excessive dryness.

2. Exercise. Exercising relieves your stress and rejuvenates both your mind and body.

• Even if you just exercise 15 minutes twice a day (morning and evening), getting the physical activity your body craves will revive your mood and enrich your life profoundly.

• Try a 10-minute walk to give your mind a rest or lift your spirits. Whether you choose a brisk pace or a slow saunter to admire the landscape, consider it a gift to yourself to go for a brief stroll.

3. Re-acquaint yourself with the magic and exhilaration that nature provides. Nothing relaxes and nurtures us like getting outdoors.

• Find time to sit on your porch to watch the birds.
• Take a few minutes to care for a flower garden, or go for a walk in the park.

4. Shower daily. Bathing is one of the top self-soothing moments of your day. By adjusting one or two things about your shower, it becomes a relaxing ritual you can look forward to.

• Rather than rush through your bath or shower every morning and evening, take the time to soothe yourself by using a luscious soap or that new loofah sponge or bath puff.

• Light scented candles, put on relaxing music, and take the time to fully enjoy them.

5. Take time to do the one thing you really love to do. There’s something so delicious and special about having the time and space to do whatever it is that you get excited about.

• Maybe you’ve got an insatiable love of reading, but struggle to find the time to read with working and family tasks tugging at you. Or perhaps you like to sew or work with wood. No matter what your beloved activity, figure out a way to make it happen.

• Even if it’s every other day or once a week, an important part of self-care is doing what makes your heart sing.

6. Stay in touch with your feelings. You may think this sounds somewhat cliché. But the truth is that if you’re honest with yourself about how you feel, you’ll have more peace and contentment inside.

• Living your life based on your real feelings will bring comfort and joy to your soul. It can be a challenge to be truthful with yourself and others about how you feel. But if you do, the rewards are great.

Engaging in activities and rituals that soothe you deep inside enriches your day-to-day existence. A regular practice of self-care also demonstrates that you truly recognize your own worth. Discover a deeply satisfying life through practicing soul-soothing, self-care rituals.


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