4 Common Self-Sabotaging Tactics to Avoid

by Kevin on November 19, 2014

Do you find yourself repeating behaviors that sabotage your success? Are you ready to put your limiting behavior to rest in favor of a better outlook and greater fulfillment?

The first step to the success you crave is being able to recognize the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your success. Once you do, you can banish those beliefs in favor of more empowering ones.

Look for these self-sabotaging tactics in your life, so you can replace them with more productive thoughts that support your success:

1. Settling. Settling for less than your best causes you to stop short of unleashing your fullest potential. Sometimes you settle for less because you’re scared of encountering failure. Other times, you may settle simply because you lack awareness of your own strength.

• Test your strength constantly by going out of your comfort zone. Face your fears, because more often than not, your fear is the only obstacle between you and ultimate success.

2. Expecting too much from others. When you automatically expect help from others, or anticipate that others will bail you out of a tough situation, you’re expecting too much. You are only responsible for yourself.

• Even if your friends and family have helped you in the past, they may choose to let you fend for yourself this time around. Always be prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions and clean up your own mess. Choose a more sensible path that takes into account that you may journey to your destination alone.

3. You feel sorry for yourself. If your current situation causes you to feel like something’s missing, change your circumstances. Instead of dwelling on what could have been and focusing on the unfortunate hand you’ve been dealt, seek to learn from every experience and focus on solutions, instead of problems.

• Your success is your responsibility. Hold yourself accountable for your results and allow unfortunate situations to steer you toward success, instead of deterring you from achieving your dreams. By maintaining this mindset, even your worst trial will be far better than remaining on the sidelines of life.

4. Lack of a second plan. If your initial plan gives less than desired results, your only chance at success is your ability to adapt. Everyone needs a Plan B. You may feel like a pessimist by planning for an unfortunate outcome, but this planning is actually proactive. It shows your mind that you’re serious about reaching your desired destination.

• Ensure your financial security, mental health, and well-being by always planning for the worst while hoping for the best.

If you often find yourself doing any of these self-sabotaging behaviors that hinder your chances of success, decide that today is going to be a new day. The important thing is that you recognize the thought patterns and behaviors that limit you and head in a new direction that supports your success.

Replace stinking thinking with a productive, solution-oriented focus that tells your mind you deserve the success you seek. When you do, your success is inevitable.

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Bring More Joy into Your Life

by Kevin on November 12, 2014

Do you feel like all you do is prepare for future joyful times? Perhaps you hear sayings like “live each day as if it were your last” but you have trouble truly taking it to heart.

Experiencing joyful times can take some extra effort on your part. The truth is, it’s a choice. We live in busier and busier times and must remember to schedule time to slow down and enjoy life in the present.

Everyone has a unique definition of what joy means for them. Even on your busiest of days, you should strive to pause and remember what is important in your life, then live your life according to your own priorities.

The Joy Of Everyday Things

We have the ability to find joy right here in the lives we lead now. While it’s fun to go out experiencing new and exciting things, it’s always best to start where we are. There are things to appreciate and opportunities for joy in everyday situations.

Consider these things on your quest for joy and fulfillment:

1. Spend quality time with family. While it’s always a good idea to have meal times together, you can find much joy in just spending some quality time with your loved ones at home. Some people might enjoy family game night, while others might prefer to talk and share what’s happening in their life.

2. Relax with an activity you enjoy. Do you skip out on yourself in a quest to do one more chore before bed? Choose your own relaxing activity and make it a priority. Play a computer game, read a book, or take a bath.

3. Grab some fresh air. Nothing brings you into the moment like some fresh air and nature. In nature, you can escape your inner world for a few moments and realize that you’re a small part of something large and great. Allow feelings of well-being and joy to wash over you and cleanse your soul.

4. Make an effort to be stress-free. The biggest threats to a joyful life are the stresses and anxiety that arise in day-to-day life. Don’t allow these feelings to build up or they can take away from your opportunities for joy. Deal with stressful situations as they come up so that they don’t turn into long-term stressful scenarios.

Trying New Activities

Once you’ve mastered the art of finding joy around you in your everyday life, it’s time to see how you can add to it by trying new activities. You don’t need to make major changes, but trying new things and escaping your comfort zone from time to time can refresh and rejuvenate you.

Here are some tips for trying new activities:

1. Start with your hometown. Look at the different opportunities for fun around where you live. Chances are there are places that you’ve always been meaning to try out but haven’t yet.

2. If you’re an adventurous person, seek a new activity every now and then that excites you. You could try rock climbing, horseback riding, canoeing, or even traveling to new and exciting destinations.

3. If you have a family, look for new family-friendly opportunities. You can even set a date to do activities together with your neighbors or other close families.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to opening yourself up to new opportunities. Stay creative and brainstorm a large list. Then start enjoying them all, even if it’s only one at a time.


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