Getting Past Any Obstacles in Life

by Kevin on April 23, 2014

Some of life’s obstacles are much bigger than others. Regardless of the size of the one you might be facing today, though, you can get past it. It may appear to loom, covering most of the future, but it’s only the angle from which you’re looking that makes it seem so big.

You can overcome challenges when you learn to see them differently!

Do you tend to talk about how big your hindrances are, rather than discussing how big your abilities are, or how big your Higher Power is? No matter what your beliefs, there’s something out there, something valuable, that’s bigger than the obstacles you’re facing today.

Focus on what you’re capable of, not on what’s trying to hold you back.

Seeking Solutions Effectively

First of all, ensure that you take time each day to remind yourself of your value. Even if you feel silly at first, reminding yourself what you can do and how important you are will start to resonate with your spirit.

This process will enable you to begin to truly believe in yourself. At some point during the resulting rise of your self-confidence, you’ll also realize that there are ways to get around life’s challenges, no matter how difficult they are.

You’ll know that you have the power to make a difference in your future!

How you look at your obstacles makes a big difference in how large they seem and how difficult it will be to work through them. Sometimes, what appears to be an obstacle is really an opportunity to move to a higher level in your personal or professional life. It’s important to keep your eyes, mind, and heart open to that possibility.

Focus your thoughts on:

• What you can do instead of what you can’t
• Who can help you get through the obstacle you’re facing
• What rewards lie on the other side of the obstacle
• What the obstacle can teach you for the future
• How to form a plan to get around or through the obstacle

When you focus on what you can do, what comes next, and what rewards you’ll see in the future, it’ll be difficult to stay upset about the setback.

Consider this: Were it not for that challenge you’re facing now, you might not work to strengthen your talents and become more than you are today. You’re wonderful the way you are, but there’s always room to improve and feel even better about yourself.

Moving Forward

No matter how much you think about an obstacle, you also have to do something about it. It’s not leaving on its own, so planning to move past it is important. Avoid turning and running from it. Challenges are there for a reason: to separate those who are committed to moving forward from those who are not.

Show your commitment today by laying out a plan to handle your obstacle. Even if you aren’t sure just what to do, you can start by envisioning what you want to accomplish, that is, your big goal. Next, break that big goal down into sections. Then, break those sections down to small, manageable steps.

When you follow this strategy, you’ll be able to identify steps you can accomplish in a day, week, or month. Those are the kinds of goals you want to focus on when you have a big obstacle in your way.

Not only will smaller, more manageable goals show you what needs to be done, but you’ll also avoid overwhelming yourself with everything on your plate.

Some challenges can be overcome in a short period of time, and others take longer. There may be setbacks, and you’ll have some trial and error. However, staying committed to moving forward will allow you to conquer any obstacle you have in your path, no matter what it is.

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Change is inevitable. In fact, one of the few constants in life is that things will always change. Why then, do we often have such a challenge in coping with change?

You may have an easier time dealing with change than others. On the other hand, you may tend to have trouble handling change because you become almost addicted to holding onto things as they are. Either way, the effects of change in your life come down to healthy and positive attitude.

When things are bad, it’s nice to know that they’ll eventually change for the better. However, when things are good, you need to have the wisdom to know that things won’t last forever. You can take heart, though, in the fact that everything will come around full circle back to good again.

How you cope with change can make a big difference in your life. You can take change by the horns and wring every last benefit out of it, or you can moan and groan and have a hard time going nowhere. The choice is up to you.

Here are some simple tips to help you handle change in a positive manner:

1. Focus on flexibility. Instead of focusing on change as a whole, it might help to focus on smaller things. One thing you can do is work on being more flexible. If you find that you expect everything to go a certain way, you’re likely crushed when things don’t go according to plan.

• Focus on dealing with several possible outcomes, even if they’re not your preferred results. Leave yourself time to come up with alternatives when things change.

2. Have a positive attitude. When you have a positive attitude, you’ll see change as necessary and good. Things need to change in order for you to evolve as a person. Focus on the things that are going well and remain optimistic that the change will bring even greater opportunities into your life!

3. Be forward thinking. Live in the present moment, but plan for the future. You’ll most often run into trouble with change when you spend much of your time worrying about the past.

• Things may never be like they were; they’re only like they are right now. You can do something positive in this moment by forgetting about the past and focusing on doing something spectacular for your present.

4. Ask for help. Remember that you’re not alone in life. It might feel like that sometimes, but it’s not true. If you’re having an especially hard time dealing with a certain change, it’s completely understandable, and you should feel no shame in asking for help. Sometimes you’ll feel better if you can just lean on a friend or family member for some support.

5. Look at the big picture. Sometimes, in order to find a positive mindset about change, it helps to step back and look at the bigger picture. You might be caught up in dealing with one aspect and it might be consuming all of your life in that moment.

• Take a breath and realize that there’s much more to life. Think about what your ultimate goals are and remember how you’ve dealt with changes in the past. Maybe there’s a life lesson that you learned that’ll make you better able to cope now.

6. Focus on things that stay the same. While nothing in life is permanent, there are certain things you can count on. If you think of these things when you’re in need, it just may provide you with comfort.

• For instance, maybe you’re upset that you have to move away, but you can take comfort in the fact that you’re moving with your family or that you’ll meet some wonderful new people along the way!

Remember that everyone is different; you might find a certain strategy for coping with change better suited for yourself than someone else. Your goal is to find something that works for you!

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