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Am I Having a Panic Attack? Signs and Symptoms

Panic attacks can be one of the most disturbing and scariest events in a person’s life. They can leave you confused, worried about your sanity and fearing another panic attack. Before we take a look at the signs and symptoms of a panic attack, it’s important to know that if you suffer a panic attack, it’s completely normal. Millions of people around the world suffer from panic attacks. You’re not going crazy and they are treatable.

You might be having a panic attack if you:

* Experience your heart suddenly pounding for no apparent reason. People who suffer a panic attack often say they feel as if their heart is out of control. They also often describe it as chest pain.

* Experience difficulty breathing. When you’re having a panic attack it may feel as if someone is sitting on your chest. You cannot take a deep breath.

* Begin sweating. People who suffer from panic attacks often say the break out in a cold sweat. They may feel chills or quite warm as well.

* Feel stomach upset. This isn’t always a sign or symptom however it’s common enough to make note of. If you suddenly feel sick to your stomach combined with the other symptoms we’ve mentioned then you may be suffering from a panic attack. You may feel nauseated or simply have an upset stomach.

* Feel dizzy. Dizziness or lightheadedness is almost always a sign of a panic attack.

* Depersonalization and/or derealization. Depersonalization is feeling as if you’re disconnected from your body. You feel extremely out of control. Derealization is when it feels as if reality has been suspended. You feel as if you’re standing in a dream. The walls or the space around you may become wavy or unfocused. The lighting may feel as if it has changed. Sound may take on a distorted effect.

* Depersonalization and derealization are both extremely common symptoms of a panic attack. If it happens to you, you can be fairly sure you’re experiencing an anxiety or panic attack.

Now it’s important to note that many of these signs and symptoms for panic attacks are also signs and symptoms of other problems. The most apparent might be a heart attack. Heart attack victims feel shortness of breath, a pounding heart or chest pain and they may have an upset stomach, sweating and dizziness.

It’s very important for you to get checked out by a doctor if you’ve experienced any of these symptoms. Anxiety and panic disorders are treatable when properly diagnosed. And a diagnosis puts you back in control. Panic attacks don’t often come with telltale signs or triggers that they’re going to occur but you can learn to avoid them and never have a panic attack again.

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