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Can Aroma Therapy Ease Anxiety?

One of the best ways to ease stress and anxiety is aroma therapy. And it’s an easy way to relax. In fact, it works so well, many physicians, dentists and of course spas incorporate aromatherapy into their practice.

Here are a few aromatic recipes and applications you can use to ease stress and anxiety in your life:

Essential Oil Combination for Anxiety & Stress Relief
Equal parts:

* Marjoram
* Neroli (orange blossom)
* Bergamot
Essential Oil Combination for Anxiety & Stress Relief
* Lavender – 3 parts
* Bergamot – 2 parts
* Sandalwood -1 part

Note: Essential oils can be purchased both online and in many health food stores. They’re not to be ingested but rather inhaled. You can place them in a diffuser, on pressure points on your body or you can mix them in a separate jar or container and inhale when you need to distress. You can also purchase many “Anti anxiety “or “Stress Reduction” blends already combined.

This recipe can be added to bath salts for a relaxing bath at the end of a stressful day:

* 2 drops geranium
* 2 drops lavender
* 2 drops sandalwood

Lavender alone is known for its relaxation properties. You can purchase a container of dead sea salts or unscented bath salts and add 25-40 drops of essential oil to the salts. Shake to coat the salts with the oil. When you’re ready to take a hot bath, add about ¼ to ½ cup of bath salts to running water and enjoy.

Other Aromatherapy Applications

Many stores now carry aroma therapy candles and diffusers. To relax look for the flowing scents or essential oils:

* Bergamot 
* Cedarwood 
* Chamomile 
* Cinnamon 
* Comfrey 
* Frankincense 
* Geranium 
* Hyssop 
* Lavender 
* Marjoram 
* Neroli
* Patchouli 
* Peppermint 
* Rose 
* Sage
* Sandalwood 
* Ylang Ylang

Aromatherapy does work to relieve stress and anxiety. If you find you’ve been having a particularly difficult day or you feel as if you’re on the verge of an anxiety attack. Sit down, relax and smell something calm and relaxing. Add aroma therapy to your daily yoga, stretching or meditation routine for optimal benefits.

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