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Simple, Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety

Occasional anxiety and stress are a part of most people’s lives. However, chronic stress and anxiety can wear you down and cause a number of unwanted side effects. If you suffer from chronic anxiety and don’t want to take medication, rest easy. There are natural ways for you to treat your anxiety successfully.

But please note that if you are suffering from depression or mental health issues that are causing you concerns, it is always best to seek the advice of a medical professional – who knows they may be able to help you implement natural therapies as well as more scientific-based ones.

For those who need a little help to ease stress and general anxiety, here are three simple, natural remedies:

#1 Sunshine. It may sound silly however 20-30 minutes of sunlight each day can do a lot to help improve mindset. Much of this is due to sunlight and your body’s ability to manufacture vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body manage stress and it helps you regulate your moods and emotional well being.

The medical community agrees that most people are drastically low on vitamin D. If you cannot get out into the sun each day for 20-30 minutes, take a vitamin D supplement or a multi vitamin with a day’s supply of vitamin D.

#2 Move your body. Exercise is a known stress reducer. And it doesn’t have to be a killer, fat burning intense workout. 30 minutes of walking, bicycling or yoga has the same effect. It helps your body’s systems optimize so you can manage stress better. Also, exercise releases endorphins which are natural feel good hormones.

#3 Meditation. One of the common problems with anxiety is that your thoughts essentially get carried away. One minute you’re thinking about what you’re going to buy for dinner at the super market and the next minute you’re imagining being involved in a horrific traffic accident, not having enough money in your account to cover your grocery bill or knocking over a display and receiving ridicule and laughter. Meditation can help you control these wayward anxiety ridden thoughts. You can learn to quiet your mind and to change your thoughts to more positive ones.

One of the aspects that keeps many people from meditating are the preconceived notions of what it is. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting on the floor, your legs crossed, chanting for an hour. It can be sitting on a chair with your eyes closed for five minutes and focusing on your breathing. Meditation can also be taking a quiet walk with your dog and clearing your mind of all thoughts. It can also be using your imagination to take you to a relaxing state – guided imagery.

Treating anxiety means treating your mind and your body well. Fuel your body with nutrients, exercise your body and move it like it’s designed to, and learn the practice of quieting your mind. Stress and anxiety will literally melt away.

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