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Adventure exhilarates me!

I experience adventure in all aspects of my life.

Each time I attempt something new, I view it as an adventure because I like the feeling that I get when my interest is sparked. I also enjoy the feeling of coming out on top and the chance I get to share that euphoria with others.

Adventure brings out the go-getter in me.

When I am confronted with an opportunity to conquer something, I put on my game face and take it on with conviction. I know I have what it takes to come out successful.

I love taking an adventurous vacation with friends and family. When I am in the wilderness somewhere, or at the top of a snow-capped mountain, I feel a sense of excitement.

I feel a sense of renewal and freshness in knowing that I allow myself the opportunity to take a risk.

I view learning a new language as an adventure. It provides a chance for me to delve into a totally new culture. I also feel it is an adventure because it poses a certain level of challenge.

I welcome challenges because they show me what I am made of. I am especially happy when I can share with others what I have accomplished.

Today, I choose to take on adventures in whatever form they come. I have confidence and a sense of excitement about the great experiences that await me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What adventure can I create today?
2. Am I happier when I am able to share in an adventure with people I love?
3. What emotions do adventures spark within me?

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