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Become Empowered to Be the Change You Want to Be

The vast array of self improvement books, magazine articles, and websites all testify to the need and desires that so many of us have to make changes in our lives. We want more personal success, more abundance, better health, freedom from addictions and other bad habits. It seems we have the greatest of intentions, and we become motivated and inspired, but far too often we are sabotaged by our own selves. The distractions, the sheer busyness of our lives, a bad day at work, a disagreement with our spouse, worries over our children, the change or loss of a job, or the onset of an illness are a few of the common factors that do us in time after time after time.

Old habits and behaviors run deep and making personal life changes are such an uphill battle that many well meaning and well intentioned people feel a sense of failure everyday. For instance, who doesn’t want to lose weight, but how many are successful at making the necessary life changes so that losing those extra pounds and keeping them off become a reality?

We tend to carry around so much baggage from our previous attempts as well as the new stuff that we encounter everyday that to many of us it seems a futility to really make changes, which pulls us yet further down into our mode of fears and failures. And yet, we also see people everyday who do succeed in making desired changes. How are they empowered to make those changes, and to use each step along the way to solidify their course?

They are empowered because they have become very very clear about what it is they want to do, be, or achieve. They know exactly who is responsible–themselves. So they do not allow themselves the luxury of blaming someone or something else. They put the responsibility squarely on themselves, no matter what challenges they face. They do not allow their own guilt to block them either, as so many of us do. They have reached deep into their own heart and have developed an intention and a desire so strong that it cannot be broken by temptations, setbacks, or any circumstance that develops.

They expect to encounter challenges, but they are prepared to face them and with resolution they do not hide, but discover solutions. They remain open to all possibilities and go with their gut when they have choices to make. They recognize the power of their own feelings and knowingness to keep them focused, and so they succeed.

People who overcome major challenges come in all shapes, sizes, racial and ethnic backgrounds, economic circumstances, and family and personal situations. Everyone of us has the ability to empower ourselves and become who we want to be and to make the changes we want to see in the world.

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