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How to Deal with the Anxiety Caused by Change

Guest Post by Sam Marquit


Human beings tend to embrace everyday routines.  I own several Long Island apartments, which I also tend to as landlord, and I run into people daily that refuse to deviate from their routine.  In fact, they are afraid of any change whatsoever. I’ve had tenants that have lasted nearly a week, and sacrificed their entire deposit so that they could move back home into the world of dependency. This is normal human behavior. People are afraid of change.

Loss of Security

One of the reasons change is looked down upon by many people is because of the security a normal routine offers them. Change tends to take people out of their comfort zones, which is where they feel most secure.


Anxiety is a direct cause of change. Fear of change leads to a general sense of worry. Although anxiety is a stressor that most people do not enjoy having, it helps people to react to the situation at hand. Although it does motivate you to react, an overbearing amount of stress can have a negative influence.  When anxiety becomes a long-term problem, the person affected should seek special attention.

Long-Term Anxiety

The first time I had a true episode of anxiety was when I was dealing with a recent change in my life.  I had moved away from home and was feeling homesick and unhappy. These were feelings of anxiety that led to a small panic attack. Learning to deal with emotions like these is important. If the mental stress of such a change cannot be overcome, it could lead to physical harm. There are studies that have shown that the heart can be negatively affected by stress.

Dealing with Anxiety

Anyone who is being severely affected by anxiety should contact a professional counselor.  Speaking about any anxieties you may have with friends or family can be helpful as well. Some people are able to deal with short term anxiety by themselves, but just talking about it with someone will help reduce the stress, if only by a little.

In order to overcome stress by yourself, the first thing you must to do is to recognize your own fear and to accept that you are afraid of the changes that you are dealing with. Even if you know the change that you have made is a positive one, it is still normal to feel anxiety about it.

Add exercise to your daily routine. If you are dealing with a big change in your life, jogging twenty minutes every morning will help establish a new routine to help you balance out the changes you are dealing with. Not only does it help in establishing a routine, it’s also a good way get rid of some stress by becoming more healthy. A more healthy person tends to feel less stressed out, at least physically. Any kind of house chores can help deal with stress as well.  It allows you to focus at the task at hand while keeping your body busy as well.

These are, of course, not lasting solutions to feelings of anxiety. They are temporary ones, although ones that will help reduce your stress level at that time. Try to have a positive outlook on life. Negativity only adds to anxiety, being positive will help you deal with this new change.  One of the best ways to overcome your anxiety and learn to deal with changes in your life is to be positive. Accept your fear of change and it will help you get over your anxiety.

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