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Test Your Symptoms With an Online Depression Test

Taking an online depression test can’t take the place of a mental and medical evaluation from your health care provider, but it can help you recognize symptoms of depression and know what criteria separates clinical depression from a bout with anxiety or a temporary mood swing. After you take a depression test, you’ll get some facts about depression that you may not have known about.

An online depression test usually asks a certain group of questions and then evaluates your answers. One depression screening test consists of 18 questions, compiled by an M.D., which lets you print the test or take it online. Printing the test could be an added benefit to take to your health care provider and help him make a diagnosis.

You can take a depression test once a week for a month or so to determine if your symptoms have changed. This type of tracking can also help your doctor make a diagnosis. The online tests usually present a symptom and have you check the level of severity you’re feeling. Evaluation statements such as “I do things slowly,” can be answered “Not at all,” “Just a little,” or “Somewhat” and will be calculated with the other statements to give you an idea of whether or not depression is causing problems in your life.

Another statement, “The pleasure and joy has gone out of my life,” can be answered with, “Not at all,” “Just a little,” “Somewhat,” “Moderately,” “Quite a lot,” or “Very much,” giving you a wider berth of selections as to how you’re feeling in this moment in time. After you’ve taken one or more online depression tests, you’ll begin to see a pattern form that can be extremely helpful in determining your level of depression or if you’re simply responding to a temporary situation.

At the end of the test, you’ll see a button or other icon that lets you click to “Score My Questionnaire,” and you’ll receive the results of your depression test. If the test indicates that you may have a problem with depression, be sure and take the results to your health care provider and use it to open a dialogue about what can be done to further evaluate or treat your type of depression.

Even if the depression test doesn’t indicate signs of depression, you may want to see your doctor, especially if you have suicidal thoughts or if your feelings are keeping you from living your normal lifestyle. These online depression tests aren’t meant to be clinical evaluations of a medical condition, but only to be used as a tool to further diagnose your condition.

Taking an online depression test is completely anonymous and confidential and is usually compiled by a major medical institution such as the Mayo Clinic or from various health care providers. You can research the various online depression tests and decide which one you feel the most comfortable with.

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