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Choose to Live Outside of Fear

Whether to live under a cloud of fear or within the sunshine of love and kindness is a choice. Even though fear elements dominate the news broadcasts, as well as many personal conversations, it is not necessary to allow our lives to remain overshadowed by fear.

Choosing to live our lives in a way that focuses on love and kindness rather than fear is a process. Depending on our personal circumstances, the thought of such a notion may seem like a fantasy and that it could never be real. But as we begin to become aware of how fear impacts our lives, the possibility of reducing the fears in our lives begins to tug a little bit at our heart, and we are drawn to what might be.

As we become aware of the effects of allowing fear to envelop us, these are some of the things we need to notice. Fear makes us tense. Often we feel an unpleasant knot in our stomach. Fear makes us feel helpless and victimized. It is a lonely feeling. Fear brings out the worst in people. Fear causes people to look for and notice things that are frightening to us. Fear causes people to be defensive and angry toward others.

It is a matter of choosing to think differently. Choosing to live where we focus on the sunshine of love gives us feelings of warmth and happiness. It makes us want to smile and laugh more. Noticing thoughts of love cause people to be kinder to one another, to notice things of beauty whereas before we saw something plain, ugly, or scary. Coming from a place of love opens us to see possibilities instead of restrictions and limitations.

Like anything else, if we desire to change our orientation from fear to love and kindness, we must do some things differently. If fear has been allowed to fester and rule any part of our lives, it is because we have given it attention. We have done this through many of the influences we have allowed to seep into and penetrate our minds. These things are often sourced in our choices of entertainment that we have engaged in such as the books we read, the movies and television shows we watch, the music we listen to, and the games we play. Talk radio has become a major influence on how we think. Are the radio shows we listen to interested in truth, fairness, openness to understanding, building relationships, and really helping people, or are they oriented toward prejudice, slander, backbiting, endless arguments, and powered by ratings and the need for money? What is their tone?

If we notice our emotions and our own behaviors and attitudes become combative, argumentative, closed minded and angry from these influences, we have identified some causes of fear that makes us tense, unhappy, hurt and resentful. If we make a conscious change to choose books, movies, television shows, games, music, and radio talk shows that make us feel hopeful, happy, and positive we will notice over time that we have changed how we think, and we will build up instead of tear down.

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  • Muhereza Ferguson February 9, 2010, 5:04 am

    It`s such a wonderful and inspiring writing.

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