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The Benefits of Doing Pilates and Yoga

Many people have been discovering the benefits of doing Pilates and Yoga. This is because the stereotypes about these exercises have been thrown out. People have been able to take a realistic look at what these exercises provide. This has allowed more people from a wider range of backgrounds to start exercising with these methods. More classes have been showing up in gyms and other organizations. As more classes show up, the rosters for the classes are quickly filled up. For those who are new to these exercise methods, it is a good idea to take a look at each exercise individually. You can then see how they benefit you in their own way. You can then take a look at how they are different and how combining the two is beneficial as well.

The Benefits of Yoga

When looking at the benefits of doing Pilates and Yoga, it is a good idea to take a look at each one individually. Yoga is an exercise which has been practiced for many centuries. It has many different benefits depending on which kind of Yoga class you take. You can take a class which will help you to stretch and meditate by concentrating on your breathing. You can also take a Yoga class which is more athletic in nature. There are even classes which will use intense heat as part of the exercise. The overall value of the exercise is to lengthen muscles and improve your ability to center your thoughts.

The Benefits of Pilates

Next in looking at the benefits of doing Pilates and Yoga is to look at Pilates. This is an exercise which was borne from Yoga about 80 years ago. It was developed to increase the core strength of those who use it. While the history of the exercise was used for those who dance, it has been used by those simply looking to have a more athletic body. Pilates tends to use different elements which will help you to do exercises.

The Difference Between Pilates and Yoga

While there are many benefits of doing Pilates and Yoga, the two do have differences between them. Whereas Yoga will concentrate more on the poses which are used to perform the exercises, Pilates concentrates more on the fluid motion in the exercises. Yoga is a method to lengthen muscles and make them limber. Pilates also lengthens muscles, but attempts to make them stronger in the process.

Reasons to Combine Exercises

Many gyms have started to combine Yoga and Pilates exercises. This is because there are benefits of doing Pilates and Yoga together. There is no they should be separated. Even teachers of one class or the other would tell you how one complements the other. By committing yourself to doing both exercises, you can improve your strength while making sure that you are still limber and agile. This can help you whether you are looking to dance, or you are just looking to keep up with your kids.

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