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Happiness Strategy: Do You Have a Life Plan?

Business strategy, production schedule, plan of action, mission statement—What do these buzzwords all have in common? They are all phrases that represent corporate culture and work goals. Make no mistake though, a plan of action or production schedule should not be limited to the workplace. Every aspect of life, from fitness to family vacations, requires some kind of goal planning. There is no discipline in life that does not require a strategy.

What about a strategy for happiness? It might sound absurd, or even cheesy, but if you want to live with more passion and enjoy more of what life has to offer, you need make some changes first. Naturally, changes require a plan of action, so here is your strategic plan for happiness:

Ask Questions

If you don’t know where you want to be, you’ll never know how to get there. This is why asking questions should be the first step of your happiness strategy. One of the most progressive pastors in America, Ed Young, writes about how asking questions is essential to happiness in his book “Outrageous, Contagious Joy: Five Big Questions to Help You Discover One Great Life”. In his book, Ed Young asks questions such as “Where are you headed?” and “Who are you running with?”

Choose a Goal and Set a Date to Achieve the Goal

The goal does not gave to be mammoth. It could be anything from “Lose 10 pounds” to “Complete Special Project”. Make the goal challenging but realistic. For example, you’re not going to start making $250,000 per year fresh out of a 4-year college, unless you’re very lucky or special. A better goal for this kind of pursuit might be “Network with ideal employers and create solid relationships”. This way, you can take more realistic steps toward achieving your ideal career goal. Also, set a realistic date for accomplishing the goal.

Create Steps and Chart Progress

Knowing the steps to get to where you want to be is the easiest part. The web is filled with advice on how to accomplish tasks such as how to acquire a business license, how to learn Japanese or how to use Adobe Photoshop plug-ins. Researching steps and following them is easy. It’s taking action that’s the hard part because it requires dedication. Just remember that each and every small step (as annoying as they may be) is part of the recipe of success. Once you’re finally on a roll with production, use a notebook or smart phone to chart the progress of your method. If it’s clearly not working, find another method. If you’re seeing progress, keep at it until your goal is met!

Reflect on Progress and Tweak Steps Until Your Goal is Met

Finally, you’ve achieved some progress! But is the progress lasting, or is it hitting peaks and valleys? To truly be successful, you want to keep growing and learning. Find any glitches in your methods that are holding you back and tweak them until you’re satisfied with your method. Remember, your system will never be perfect so it’s important to recognize even small successes when they come. Once you have started building torque, you’ll notice something happening. A great feeling of confidence and pride will take over. Let that confidence take the wheel, and keep the progress going to take your success to the next level. If you push yourself beyond greatness, you can become excellent.

Excellence is a rare occurrence, as only the most determined individuals can achieve that state, which will in itself, rewards you with happiness. As motivational speaker Anthony Robbins often illustrates, thought leaders, famous inventors, superior athletes and critically acclaimed artists get to this level through endless hard work and dedication. There are very few people who can take it even further. If you are able to sustain that excellence by fighting the fight of your life, walking through fire and standing above broken ground; if you are able to become more than excellent and become outstanding, then you will reward yourself with more happiness than you can imagine.

Guest post by Valerie Byrd. Valerie loves writing about the latest events. As a photographer, she incorporates both talents and does freelance blogging. Her food photos have been known to cause readers to attempt to eat paper.

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