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How Important Is Goal Setting?

A business manager of a major auto manufacturer has set a five-year goal for himself. At the tender age of 29, he has accomplished all but one; buying a home. “This,” he states definitively, “will occur at age 35.” If you ask, how important is goal setting? In his case, it is very important. His success met the five criteria for setting effective goals: express goals positively; set precise goals; prioritize the goals; write down the goals, and keep the goals small, thus easier to achieve.

Why do we need to set goals to achieve? Without goals, there is no direction; no focus; no reason to become involved in anything worthwhile. More importantly, controlling that which we wish to achieve is how we live; how we operate our business; how we win a race; how we can enhance our skills; our performance; and how we gain self-confidence. Goals must be specific; not unrealistic. To say you will become a millionaire in a year is a goal you may not meet. However, if the measure of success is reasonable, it can be attainable using your own standards for success.

The pressures of society to amass great wealth in the shortest amount of time are based upon other’s goals and desires, not yours. You must have a clear understanding of what goals you are trying to achieve, and exhibit the skills and knowledge to achieve them.

Achieving goals based on one particular event does not in any way ensure success in another.

Grabbing the brass ring can be difficult. It may be just out of reach, but is attainable. Use the same analogy in achieving your goals. Set them just out of reach, but within your grasp; giving you the determination and commitment to reach for it. Keep yourself healthy, fit and free of diversions. Focus on the goal; and never lose sight of it.

Ensure you acquire the skills needed to achieve the goal. Gather as much information and knowledge as you can. Ask for help whenever you need to; it is not a sign of weakness.

Use whatever resources are available to you; make lists along the way. Many times ideas may crop up which will bring you closer to your goal. Never assume anything. Research every possibility. If a particular idea doesn’t pan out, try another; and another. Don’t give up; or give in.

Most everyone has a goal in life, from losing weight to winning the Super Bowl. Keep in mind, however, sometimes life gets in the way of the very thing you are trying to achieve.

It may be a momentary set-back, but don’t give up the dream, the goal, or the path that will lead you to it.

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