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It’s What you Think AND Who You Know

leaves_wTurning your life around isn’t easy. If you are taking advantage of things you are learning form Anthony Robbins though, you have a distinct advantage. You have the teaching, the coaching and the role models you need to start to change the way you think so you can see yourself as a winner and you can begin to chart a course for success that will work and isn’t just a pipedream.

Next to growing from childhood to adulthood and the changes you go through when you get married, there may be no more marked a change to your outlook on life than you are going through as you carry out the teachings of Anthony Robbins in your life. And just as those two life transitions turned you into a completely different person, learning to realize your dreams and to create genuine wealth as Robbins can teach you will make you so profoundly different that you will almost be unrecognizable.

If you have taken this challenge seriously, you know the rewards that await you when you become a success. But how you think and what you do with your time and what your priorities are will change too. And we might as well face it today, that may change who you hang out with and who your friends are. So just as you are evaluating every aspect of your life because of your new ambitions to learn to live as a person who knows how to win, every relationship falls under that scrutiny as well.

You can remember in high school how often your parents lectured you about the importance of your friendships and about associating with people who have good goals and are going places in life like you are. That principle didn’t end just because you are not in high school any more. Who you spend your time with and their attitudes and how they approach life can have a profound effect on your ability to continue to maintain your focus on your goals and dreams and on sustaining a concentration on a positive mental outlook and how that will make you a winner.

Many times when we are in a “dead-end” mental state as you may have been before you began to implement the teachings of Anthony Robbins, we associate with people who also are stuck in a mental rut that is not going anywhere. They say that misery loves company and when it comes to being with people who share your outlook on life, that concept is always the case. So as you begin to change how you think and that impacts what you talk about, how you talk about it and how you like to spend your time, which may have an influence on your friendships as well.

A good set of friends who are encouraging and are also making changes in their lives for the better can be your greatest asset in your search to conquer the teachings of Anthony Robbins and to put them to work in your life. But if your friends mock what you are doing or continue to drag you down with negative thinking and self-pity, you have a simple choice between trying to change them or finding new friends.

The best situation is if you attend an Anthony Robbins seminar together and you and your friends all go on this quest together. That is a powerful support system and you can become an accountability team to keep each other moving forward to greater heights in implementing the positive life changes you are learning from Robbins.

But if you find that is not happening, the change to your social world may not be something you have to take action on. As your friends ease away from you and you develop new friendships of people who understand your goals and methods, it might be a natural transition. As long as it doesn’t take you by surprise, this will be yet another positive change in your life because of the impact of the teachings of Anthony Robbins in your life.

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