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Take Charge And Create The Life You Want

createlife_wIs your job taking over your life? Do you find that you spent little or no time on the activities that you enjoy?

Too often, once you start working, you find that this takes over your life. Then, if and when you get married and have a family, more of your time and life seems to be taken away from your control.

Is this what life is about? Are you allowed to enjoy your life while still dealing with the responsibilities of life?

The answer is an astounding “yes”. The good news is the main person who can make this happen is you. You will need help from others but until you decide and take the necessary action, this will not happen.

The actions taken are simple. First make a list of about 15 to 20 activities that you enjoy doing. This list can contain items that can cost you nothing or much money. Just list all of them.

These activities could be as simple as having a nice warm bubble bath to a holiday at a beach resort. It could be visiting a book store and spending hours before you buy a book or not buy one at all. It could be a massage or just a walk on the beach.

Let your mind go free, close your eyes and think of all the things that make you feel good. Have not got together with your friends for ages? You can call and arrange to have coffee with them.

You may be wondering about your work commitments or who will look after the children.

Identify the work that you take home that does not produce much output. Take some of this time.

If you have children, can the grandparents look after them for a few hours?

It is important to first set your objective about which of the activities in the list you want to do. Once you set your mind on it, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your mind can figure out how to make the time.

To be practical, you will target only one of the activities in the list per week. Set a date and time for it and work towards it as you would for any other task.

As you complete the activity, mark the date against the activity. Have some fun with it. Give the activity a rating of how much you enjoyed it. Draw some stars or suitable pictures against it. Let the child in you come out.

As you go along, add on more items to your list. Slowly you will find that you can do more fun activities at work with your colleagues and with your family and friends.

There is absolutely no reason not to be able to fulfill your work and home responsibilities, and still have a fun and enjoyable life. All it takes is for you to take action.

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