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7 Steps to Owning a Healthy You

Everyone knows that without your health you have nothing – you do not have peace of mind, freedom, joy, happiness, aliveness, flexibility, nor anything else that you wish you had if you were not “unwell”.

So, what keeps you from being healthy when all of the tools are available. As a society we have access to more information than we have ever had in our history – there is no reason that we are not healthy. Even with all of this information – people choose to overeat, refuse to exercise, ignore the advice of medical experts, overwork, have trouble sleeping, indulge in substances, etc. The list goes on and on.

Have you decided it’s too hard to be healthy – that it takes more time or energy than you want to invest? What is it that keeps us from being the healthiest country in the world versus the un-healthiest country in the world.

Do you know of any other country that hosts one of the most popular shows on TV – The Biggest Loser? Even with this show being as popular as it is we are seeing huge numbers of people being overweight and unhealthy.

Okay – enough of the lecture – what can you begin to do today – taking baby steps – keep it simple and fun. Here are 7 basic steps to take:

Step #1: Begin to embrace being healthy as a way of life by using a positive affirmation – such as – “I am in the process of being healthy and loving myself”

Step #2: Keep a journal throughout the day on what you eat, what thoughts you have regarding food and exercise, what are your eating challenges.

Step #3: Buy a pedometer to monitor how many steps you take each day – write these numbers down. The goal is always to take 10,000 steps per day – but you are on the baby step program – so once you see how many steps you are averaging each day – set a goal to take another hundred, then another two hundred – until you’re up to 10,000 steps.

Step #4: Remove ONE bad food from your diet – maybe it’s candy or chips or white bread – just one for now.

Step #5: Focus on losing one pound per week – that would be equal to 52 lbs. in one year!

Step #6: Find time everyday to make yourself important – do something you enjoy and can bring you joy.

Step #7: Declare that this year is the year of great health and a great life.

Simple steps – these steps can help add years to your life – you can not buy back life or time if you let your health be unimportant – our bodies are self-regulating and self-healing – give your body the gift of life.

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  • Dave @ 30DaysAtaTime January 21, 2010, 7:17 am

    Nice post.

    People so often look at health as an “all-or-nothing” proposition, but that is far from true. Focusing on small improvements over time adds up to big improvements in the long term. Trying to overhaul your health is extremely difficult because so much relies on building the right habits.

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