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Why Our Bodies Need to Detoxify

Everyday the body takes in various forms of chemicals and toxins into the system just by breathing, eating and drinking. The body constantly expends energy and uses up a lot of vital nutrients to neutralize and eliminate these harmful substances. The body’s ceaseless struggle to purge the system of chemicals and toxins affects health in different damaging ways.

If toxic substances build up in the body faster than they can be eliminated, the body produces fat to store toxins. These body fat cells are located as far away from the vital organs as possible, specifically under the chin, under the arms, on the back, hips and especially in the midsection. This is the body’s attempt to protect the organs. The accumulation of body fat is a visible indication of toxic buildup. It is also a sign that the liver is not in a good condition and is not working as effectively as it should. These fat cells are particularly obstinate and will require much effort to lose unless the toxic load is decreased and the body undergoes detoxification. When the liver is overloaded with toxic substances, these toxins begin to circulate in the blood and make the body tired and sluggish. These toxic substances damage the organs and increases inflammation in the body. They can also be causes for headaches and weight gain. Regular detoxification therefore is essential to help the body avoid toxic buildup, thus preventing various symptoms, complaints and diseases.

Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxins from the body. It involves dietary and lifestyle changes that help to decrease toxic intake and improve elimination. Avoiding chemical-laden food and other sources also help control toxin load. Some effective detoxification therapies include juice fasting, colon cleansing, enzyme therapy and exercise, among others. Other benefits of detoxification include reduction of symptoms, weight loss, clear skin, slow aging, improved flexibility, improved fertility and enhancement of the senses.

Juice fasting is when a person refrains from taking in solid foods and instead drinks juice, water and herbal tea throughout the day. Juice fasting allows the digestive system to rest, accelerates the development of new cells, thus advancing healing. A combination of carrot juice, celery juice, beet juice and cabbage juice is recommended.

Colon cleansing rejuvenates the system. It involves healing, rebuilding and restoring the colon or the big intestine to its normal size and shape and correct function. The first stage of the therapy involves cleansing wherein water is infused into the intestine to wash the walls of the colon and remove the waste materials. The next phase then aims to heal, rebuild and restore a healthy colon, thus allowing it to function properly. The healing phase involves the infusion of materials into the bowel to cool inflamed areas and strengthen colon walls. Healing agents are then introduced into the colon to soothe and lubricate it.

Enzyme therapy involves taking supplemental enzyme to avoid enzyme exhaustion. To increase enzyme levels, it is recommended that an individual eat more raw food, take mineral supplements and digestive plant enzymes.

Exercising is another way of detoxifying through sweating and exhaling from the lungs. It has been shown to have a connection with longer life. Because exercising reduces stress, the chances of dying from stress-related diseases are decreased.

Another method of detoxification is magnetic healing, which involves the use of magnets on tissues and permit more oxygen into cell walls. It boosts mental acuity and normalized PH balance through increased alkalinity. It also aids in stopping pain, fighting infection and reducing inflammation and fluid retention.

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  • Andrzej November 15, 2010, 8:44 am

    Hi Kevin!
    I’m surprised with second paragraph of this article. The idea of producing fat to store toxins sounds corny, especially followed with “These body fat cells are located as far away from the vital organs as possible, (…) especially in the midsection.” and “The accumulation of body fat is a visible indication of toxic buildup.” – come on, wouldn’t it be rather an indication of to much calories and not enough movement? 🙂

    However detoxication is important thing to do from time to time, especially if we live in a large city and eat junkfood without thinking of consequences.

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