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7 Subliminal Messaging Secrets

Subliminal messages are a controversial subject. Gurus and businesses have different claims as to how it works, or how it doesn’t, even how it can be dangerous. It is time for the real truth about subliminal audio – here are 7 subliminal messaging truths that you probably were not aware of:

  • It is not just Tony Robbins who is shouting about of the power of subliminal messages, but other famous personalities such as Tiger Woods, and Stephen Speilberg have reported using it.
  • Despite what some people would have you believe subliminal messaging isn’t illegal – it is not against the law. It is however not allowed to be used within advertising as when used like this it is deemed to be manipulative. It is 100% LEGAL to use for your won personal development.
  • Reputable brand names including Coca Cola, & McDonald’s have always been accused of using subliminal communications in their marketing and advertising. Coca cola for making use of subliminal images of nude girls into their branding, and McDonald’s for displaying an advertisement for a split second frame on the “Food Network” Television station (amongst additional accusations).
  • In the time of his election campaigns and speeches George Bush appeared to be implementing many subliminal techniques. This lincluded from the use of subliminal audio as well as subliminal “triggers” to inserting subliminal messages into advertising videos.
  • The “tachistoscope” was prompted and developed on the back of a lot of the early research into subliminal perception . This is a military tool employed to teach troops to identify enemy airplanes, and has since been adapted to help the progression of speed reading ability.It works in the same was as subliminal image / movie programs as it flashes photographs and words for less than 1/10th of a second.
  • If you believed everything you watched on tv shows or in movies you may think that you can achieve an immediate / overnight outcome using subliminal messaging. Unfortunately this is simply not possible.
  • Subliminal learning is coming into the mainstream by top self help gurus offering subliminals, as well as hypnotists such as Paul McKenna offering subliminal audio additions to their traditional hypnosis recordings.

If perhaps you wish to try subliminal audio for yourself then you don’t need high-priced albums from hypnotherapists. It is a quite simple form of personal development. Click here to try 3 albums (worth $44.91) for FREE:

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Whatever your goal is subliminal messaging can help you – from motivation to success, and this is only the beginning – it is possible to gain an advantage in practically any pursuit with the use of subliminal messages!

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