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An Introduction to Subliminal MP3s

Subliminal messages were identified as having potential influence on receivers some time ago. Since then research has been done and steps have been taken to limit exposure through public broadcasting. Today with the delivery of audio to everyone and a greater understanding of subliminal messaging subliminal mp3s are being developed with very specific intention. These subliminal mp3s are available for free and for purchase online.

There are four standard methods of delivering a subliminal message in an mp3:


This is a message that plays in the same fashion as any standard audio. The difference is that the message is played at frequencies that are beyond the range of average human hearing. The result is that the message is delivered, but without the conscious mind being aware of it in most cases.


This is the method that has gained infamy in the legends of rock records. These messages are recorded in typical fashion. When they are put in the subliminal mp3s though they are placed backwards. The result is a sound that is quite different than normal speech. Again though the subconscious mind is able to process the message, while the conscious mind of many people may be unaware.

Multiple Messages

This is possibly one of the least enjoyable subliminal methods to listen to. The process involves recording multiple messages at regular speed and in the normal direction. Then the multiple messages are all placed on the same track. The result is an overlapping that is generally difficult to discern. Despite that, the mind’s full capacity again makes short work of the decoding and the subliminal message is received.

Blended With Vocal

This method can usually result in subliminal mp3s that are actually enjoyable to listen to. The message is usually played forward at regular speed. It may however, be played at intermittent periods throughout the recording. Meanwhile in the foreground relaxing nature and ocean sounds are heard. The result is that the conscious mind can enjoy the relaxing nature sounds while the unconscious mind is receiving a completely different message.

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