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Life Changing Results With Subliminal Downloads

There are many different options available in the world of subliminal downloads. Each one offers something that may make it more suitable for others. They may also make some downloads less suitable. Understanding what each of these downloads offers and finding the best match can result in a more effective experience. Below is a brief list of some of the options that can be had.

Subliminal Types

The actual technique that is used to encode the subliminal message in the subliminal download is a significant aspect. Some of these techniques may prove to be more palatable than others.

* Reverse: the message is backwards in the download
* Beyond Frequency: these are typically forward, but are outside of the typical sensory range of humans
* Multiple Messages: these have multiple messages all played at once
* Blended: these messages are blended into music or other audio

While each of these is considered to be a subliminal message the experience of the download and the efficacy of the subliminal message may vary.

Subliminal Intent

Among the most common forms of subliminal messages are those that are formulated to help the individual stop problem behavior. These behaviors are often habitual and may be addictions. The idea is to convince the subconscious mind as well as the conscious mind that it is time to change. Some of the major target behaviors follow:

* Stopping Smoking
* Overeating and Weight Loss
* Motivation to Exercise

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It is possible to find a number of subliminal downloads that combine both techniques and targets. The result is a download that may be useful for a longer period of time. In addition there are some downloads that can help you to create your own subliminal recording. These can put greater control in your hands. In addition there may be the potential of targeting just the behavior that is troubling you.

Give subliminal messaging a try for yourself – download this simple, yet powerful album from Real Subliminal – a perfect introduction to subliminal audio and it’s endless possibilities.

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