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Why is Music Used in Meditation?

Music has always been used in meditation because music in general has a very strong effect on our emotions. We listen to music pretty much all the time, depending on our moods. If we are in a melancholic mood, we find the sentimental type of music to listen to. If we are full of energy, there is rock, pop and whatnot.

So no wonder that meditation has meditation has adopted music from the dawn of times.

Just mention to any of your friends meditation, or even think of it yourself, and you will immediately think of a particular kind of music or setting associated with relevant music (chanting, om, monks, churches, temples, etc).

So as there is music for any particular type of moods, there is also music for relaxation, stress relief, and this is the meditation type of music.

Of course, not everybody experiences the same effect when listening to meditation music. For example, some people achieve that peace and calm through sounds of nature. Others will obtain the same effect listening to various musical instruments. However, all these have in common a particular gentle note in the sounds, all very calming in nature.

When listening to meditation music, you feel your mind calm, which means your mind is able to focus much better. You will be able to breath more slowly and properly, and the most important thing in our Western society, it helps reduce the every day stress, particularly when meditation is performed every day, or in our case, we are listening and relaxing to meditation music for about 15-20 minutes every day.

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