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*Major* announcement…You Can Attract It!

You can describe every detail. If you close your eyes for even a moment, you can see everything with complete clarity- after all, it’s something that you have run through your mind over and over again; it’s a daydream that you are all too familiar with.

Maybe it’s when you are walking through your dream house, filled with expensive furniture and mementos of your travels, filled with friends and family who are happy to see you.

Maybe it’s when you’re driving the car that you’ve always had your eye on up to your office, your store, your business and even your health.

Maybe it’s a happy summer scene, vacationing on a beach with someone special.

Maybe you’re imagining something, proud to see your name on it. A book? A lease? A billboard?

Whatever your dream is, you know it backwards and forwards. After all, you’ve had plenty of time to examine every detail of this image in your mind over and over again.

You’ve replayed and edited to perfection. You know that someday, you will make that dream a reality. So why haven’t you done so?

Because that dream is such a distant goal right now. You know that you will live your dream one day, but just not today. You are just going through a hard time right now, so your dreams will just have to be put on hold for a little bit longer.

It’s great to have goals of being richer, happier, healthier, but right now, you really just want to get through this day. You only have to hold on until this week is over, or you finish this semester, or until your next paycheck.

Or until you just feel more like yourself again. You just can’t really leave your job right now, or afford a new car, or take a vacation (even though you know you really need one).

We all see those people who are in a similar situation as ours, but they don’t seem to stay there very long. Maybe they got that promotion or relationship or got their own business off the ground, but something about them is different. It takes some hard work and determination, but really, some people just have all the luck, right?

Those people who write their own success stories definitely have a secret, but it’s not good luck. No matter what they call it, they have tapped into the greatest resource that everyone has but few know how to maximize: the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is the full power of positive thinking and goal setting, with amazing, unlimited results.

No one knows the power of possibilities that the Law of Attraction can offer someone in need more than Steve G. Jones and Frank Mangano, and no two people are better equipped to guide you to fulfilling your dreams and your destiny.

Steve G. Jones has built a reputation of changing people’s lives through the remarkable power of self- hypnosis.

Frank Mangano has continued to empower his followers to take charge of their health and well- being and be in the best condition possible.

Together, they have created the most comprehensive guide to harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction available today.

You Can Attract It is the ultimate guide to understanding and realizing your full potential, and making a real difference in you life.


You Can Attract It is the answer to every question about why and how you can take advantage of the Law of Attraction and apply its principles to create wealth, health, abundance, and freedom to your life.

Today, I want to give you the opportunity to pre-order You Can Attract It before we release it to the general public.

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And, in You Can Attract It, Steve and Frank are going to disclose every single secret they’ve used to dramatically improve the quality of their lives using the Law of Attraction!

They have immersed themselves in just about every piece of material on the planet when it comes to the Law of Attraction and I can say with complete conviction you’re going to want to read this information and put it to work in your own life!

Here’s to your dreams! They are closer than you think.

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P.S. With a powerful foreword from a surprise guest who starred in the hit movie “The Secret” and some of the most effective yet profound principles, this book is a true winner.

P.P.S. Every single piece of material that lines the pages are supported by hard data that is the result of years of deep research and experience. You will discover everything there is to know about the Law of Attraction and more importantly how to execute it.

P.P.P.S. And, by pre-ordering “You Can Attract It” today, you will not only save money but also receive the Platinum Version of Steve’s bestselling hypnosis program entitled “Discover Abundance… Using The Law of Attraction To Get What You Want!”

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