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The Power, Focus and Fun of Anthony Robbins

givinghands_wMaybe it is because the category of work that Anthony Robbins does might be called “motivational speaking” or “self-help books”, there are some who do not give credit to the man for the tremendous work he has done and continues to do. You don’t have to subscribe to every credo that is part of the teaching of Anthony Robbins to appreciate that he is capable of introducing any of us to a new way of thinking and a more positive approach to living. And that is his great contribution which is what makes Robbins one of the leaders in his field.

It is one thing to teach something or even write a bunch of books that might be successful. There are many areas of expertise where a tremendous personal commitment is not called for. You can teach and write about history, chemistry or physics and be a success if you just get the principles across to your students. But the subject matter that Robbins focuses on is not an impersonal and theoretical field. To both educate and convince his audiences that what he is teaching will help them, there is a greater demand on the teacher who in this case is Anthony Robbins himself.

That is because for the principles of motivation and success to be proven correct, more is needed from the student than just to listen politely and store the information away. Robbins knows well the only way he is successful is if the very lives of his listeners are changed. The principles that he teaches have to be adopted at a personal level to bear fruit in the lives of the audience of Robbins’ talks. They are principles that will alter the listener’s self-concept, his or her personal philosophy of life and even the way each person lives his or her life every day.

It is for that reason that Anthony Robbins has to be more than just a teacher and author. He has to be a role model. And because his teachings so dramatically highlight attitude and outlook on life, those principles must be dramatically on display when he speaks. So one reason that Robbins has achieved such success in his chosen field is that he deeply believes what he is teaching. He believes it because he is living it and the power of his commitment to helping others live better lives through the principles of NLP and positive thinking comes through when he speaks at his seminars and even in the text of the books and articles he publishes.

As well as a deep commitment to what he teaches that it is true and that it will work for you and I, Robbins brings a single minded focus on passing along what he has learned and what has made him a success to others. That focus is obvious to anyone who sees or hears Robbins speak. That focus also models a 100% commitment to seeing your life turn around. It takes that kind of commitment to both teach and role model great life change and Robbins is an expert of both explaining how we can see greater success by managing our thoughts and attitudes and in showing that those teachings work through personal example.

But probably one of the greatest assets Anthony Robbins brings with him to any engagement or speaking opportunity he has is his relaxed and confident manner with a winning sense of humor that makes taking in an Anthony Robbins seminar both educational and enjoyable. The humor that Robbins uses when he speaks is, of course, just good public speaking on display. But it is more than that. It also communicates a love for what he does and a love for the ideas he is teaching.

That winning charm and personality combined with his deep commitment and focus are what make the ideas that Anthony Robbins teaches so contagious and why so many people walk away from a Robbins seminar “converts”. And when that change results in lasting change in the lives of the people who learn so much from Anthony Robbins, that is a change that his followers are vocally thankful they got to go through because of the teachings Anthony Robbins gives to the world.

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