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The Truth About The Law of Attraction and Why Some People Can Never Master It

I am excited to announce the unveiling of a very effective resource that people all over the world are using to attract everything they desire into their lives.

The Law of Attraction is certainly not new. People have been using it for centuries to effectively attract what they desire out of life.

Or at least that’s true of some people.

As Clinical Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones put’s it; “When it comes to the Law of Attraction, I can’t tell you how many people have come to me and said that they have read tons of books, watched video’s, listened to recordings and done just about everything imaginable to immured themselves in learning material about the Law of Attraction and followed every step to the tee and wound up attracting nothing except perhaps some frustration.”

“And in the worst case scenarios, some people actually attracted things into their life that they didn’t want”.

Steve, who has been practicing hypnotherapy for over 25 years began meeting with people and coaching them based on the areas that they were having trouble with.

And because each area of “difficulty” varied from person to person, it was taking up quite a bit of his and he simply wasn’t able to help as many people as he wanted.

Then one day he asked himself; “So many people struggle with the Law of Attraction, yet I was able to use it almost effortlessly without reading or practicing anything. What was I doing differently?”

What he realized was that he was using the Law of Attraction organically; meaning it was a natural occurrence taking place within his subconscious.

Yes, he was doing many of the same things that other people do but there was something different. Within him, was a natural feeling of belief that he would attract the life that he wanted.

Whether you realize or not, you can feed yourself all the positive thoughts that you want but in order for them to be effective, 2 things must happen:

1.) You must believe them – In other words, don’t tell yourself that you can fly if you jump off a bridge. Your thoughts must be somewhat congruent with your perception of reality.

2.) You must be able to plant these messages on a subconscious level.

That’s what separated Steve from the people who were failing miserably. He was able to do these two very important things; very well.

After speaking with consumer health advocate and best selling author Frank Mangano, they both realized that they had these same traits in common.

After all, that’s exactly how Steve changed his life when he was younger. Without even realizing it, he was using all of the principles involved in the Law of Attraction to propel him forward to the life he always dreamed of.

Frank Mangano did exactly the same thing. He went from making $400 per week working in a place he knew was not meant to be a part of his destiny to living his dream, achieving financial independence and writing a book that became a best seller in 3 categories on Amazon.com in just one year.

And in their 200 page ebook entitled “You Can Attract It,” Steve G. Jones and Frank Mangano are going to disclose every single secret that used to dramatically improve the quality of their lives using the Law of Attraction!

With a powerful forward from Attraction Expert and Star of the movie “The Secret” John Assarif, this is the complete story on the Law of Attraction from two people who really used it.

Here’s a snapshot of what will be unveiled:

The Truth about the Law of Attraction and why some people can never master it – This is what separates this book from everything else. Here you will discover exactly what everyone has left out and why you have failed in the past.

How To Use Visualization to Set The Stage For Success – Without vision, there is no direction for success. Here you learn our distinct system for using vision as a success tool.

How to Erase Unwanted Thoughts – Unwanted thoughts in the subconscious will always sabotage your attempts to gain success. Now you can effectively erase them before that happens.

How to Overcome Your Fear of Success – Although it sounds unusual, fear of success may be serving as a barrier for you with you even realizing it.

How To Master Your Emotions – Essential to any attracting anything in life is mastery of emotions because emotions and thoughts are directly linked.

And Much More…

This is just a taste of what Steve and Frank are going to reveal in this most empowering electronic book that will serve as a Universal Resource for anyone on using the Law of Attraction.

Click here to get the full scoop and a special offer.

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  • Dialyn May 26, 2009, 5:24 pm

    What you have to be is enormously greedy and selfish…the law of attraction is all about me-me-me and how my big fat self deserves to have more than anyone else. It’s very punishing because it tells people that they are so very special if their house survives a hurricane and puts the blame on the victims who weren’t so lucky, and what could be worse than to tell a mother her baby died because she didn’t want it to live badly enough. A horrible philosophy…completely typical of the mind set that caused the economy to go into the dumper. “If I want it, I should get it, no matter how many other people I hurt.” It only shows how sad our society is that we continue to be obsessed with ourselves and the acquisition of stuff and more stuff, and lack compassion for others. If you are going to tell me for a minute that people asked to be in the middle of wars, that woman attract rape to themselves, that everyone who is stolen from or brutalized is the result of not having happy thoughts, then you can go…well, you probably know where I think the whole law of attraction panderers can go.

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