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Always Finding Beauty in Yourself

By Guest Blogger Alyssa Jacobs

When someone asks you what your main goal in life is, what do you say? Do you spit out a list of long term and short-term goals? Or do you simplify it and put everything into one big goal? As tough as that sounds, everything can very well fall into the goal of happiness. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, some examples would be traveling the world, graduating college, or just simply finding beauty in yourself.

Finding beauty in yourself is not only limited to outer beauty, it could be inner beauty as well, or even both. Although seeing yourself as beautiful can be easy for some, for others it is not that simple. There are ways to find that beauty though and the process is different for everyone.

We all know what a beautiful person looks like, whether its great hair, nice eyes, or being in shape. However, not everyone is blessed with such characteristics. Everyone knows that there are many different ways to make yourself look beautiful, but what about everything on the inside. If someone is beautiful on the outside, you also have to consider his or her personality or even just his or her life-style. Something that a lot of people know but do not acknowledge is that looks are not everything. Even though seeing yourself as beautiful on the outside comes so easily for some, they may not feel that way on the inside. Inner beauty is one of a kind, and you can always find beauty in yourself a number of ways.

Self-esteem and positive thinking are the best ways to find yourself beautiful, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally too.

When you wake up in the morning, appreciate the fact that you are alive and breathing, this will help you realize the love you have for being alive and the love you have for yourself. As childish as it may be, look in the mirror and tell yourself how great of a person you are and how positive you will be, it really does work. Tell yourself that throughout the day, any situation you come across will only have a positive ending.

Keeping the negative thoughts away is key. The more negative you think, the more negative and ugly you will feel. Find at least one thing that you love about yourself, your family, your accomplishments, or any piece of your life that makes you feel good and just think of it. When you start to feel negative, all that you have to do is think about that one thing you love and you will fight away those negative thoughts. It is easy to fall back into your negative way of thinking, so by overcoming that feeling you are already making great strides toward feeling beautiful about yourself.

Now, finding yourself beautiful comes from with in and there are always going to be people out there who are going to put you down or hold you back. Do not let them get to you. This may be one of the biggest steps to conquer. It could happen in the work field or grocery shopping, whatever the case may be, it will take as little as a dirty look to make you run back to your negative thoughts. What you need to do instead is think of that one thing you love about yourself and/or your life. Just thinking of it, even for a split second, is all you need to get away from that negative pull.

Finding yourself beautiful is not the easiest thing in the world, but once you get a taste of that feeling you will keep wanting more. Each person is beautiful in his/her own way and everyone should always find that beauty, whether it be outer beauty or beauty from within.

This article was written by Alyssa Jacobs who writes for http://www.acnecentre.com/, a website that specializes in acne.

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