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Anthony Robbins Wants You to Be More Than You Are

stairs_wWhen you attend an Anthony Robbins seminar or read one of his books, you will come out of the experience with many questions about yourself. You should be prepared for much self-evaluation because of a good exposure to his teachings. But that self-examination is healthy because you are taking a fresh look at who you are, who you want to be and why you are not where you are in life. Then you take that honest assessment and decide how to get there and go after it with renewed energy and resolve. The success you achieve is as much attributable to your new resolve as it is to your natural skills and ability to perform the work you are doing to see success in your life.

Do you remember when you was a child and you had a million dreams? Anyone who has been around a child or young teen will hear him or her confidently express their goal to be a princess, president of the United States, king of the world or the universe and just about any other ambition and goal you can imagine. That trait of childhood is one we should never lose. That is because, even though we learn through life that we do have limits and the price to be paid for success, if we keep our standards high, we will reach higher and see greater victories than if we set out standards low.

There is a simple fact about how our minds work or our “psychology” that Anthony Robbins understands and it is this fact that he wants us to take control over. That truism is that we will live up to our own standards. If we set our standards high, we will strive to reach those goals. But what happens in life unfortunately is as disappointments and problems cause us to go through occasional failures, we tend to adjust our standards lower and lower to avoid feeling hurt.

To start the path to true success however, we have to go back to that child that lives inside you and imagine yourself performing great things. It is easy enough to just say, “I need to set high standards for myself to reach”. But to make that a reality takes a little visualization, some self-talk and the ability to see a path between where you are and realizing your dreams. That all starts with going back and recapturing that dream.

In each of us is a dream that we never wanted to let go of in the first place. That is the dream that calls us to be all we can be. It is also the dream that makes the most of your talents, your abilities and the things in life that you love to do the most. By going back and reclaiming your God-given right to hold on to that dream, that is the first step of setting a standard for yourself that means you won’t settle for less. From there you come to truly believe that not only can that dream be realized but it is you who can realize it. And because you can realize it, it is your destiny to do so.

From there, it is only a short distance to setting a goal in life to archive that dream no matter what. And the primary person you will hold accountable for that goal is you. By holding yourself to a high standard, nothing short of success will be good enough. And once that is your standard in life, nothing can stand in your way.

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