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Aromatherapy And Its Benefits

Aromatherapy is one of the healing arts that has enjoyed immense popularity in recent years. This is perhaps because of the medical studies that have cropped up regarding its supposed health benefits. It is known to relieve stress and relax the body. That is why many stores in the malls and even lounge areas in hotels have aromatherapy candles. They believe that they can help relax their clients by using them in their homes.

According to studies, aromatherapy can help relieve headaches and muscle pains especially those who are just having psychosomatic symptoms. When you say psychosomatic, this means the aches and pains are brought on by either mental or emotional causes and don’t have any physical basis at all.

Lying at the heart of aromatherapy are the essential oils. These oils are the ones being used to supply the aroma. Essential oils are natural oils that come from plants. Oils are extracted from their different parts and then processed and bottled. Jasmine and rose for instance come from the leaves of jasmine and rose plants. There are however plants that produce different essential oils for its different parts. One example of this plant is the Orange Tree, which can produce different oils from its flowers and all other parts.

These oils have substances that can be therapeutic. It is said that these oils have antiseptic properties. This means that they can be used to get rid of bacteria and cleanse the body of germs. Essential oils in aromatherapy are also known to stimulate the immune system, helping the body fight off infection and illnesses. The immune system is that part of the body that protects us from sickness.

Another benefit of essential oils in aromatherapy is skin cleansing. It can be used to clean wounds, cuts, and abrasions. Some oils are also used to treat burns and skin problems. However, you must be cautious when it comes to applying these oils onto the skin. Some people may be allergic to these essential oils or their skin may be sensitive. It is good to just do a skin patch test wherein you will be applying a small amount of the essential oil on skin that is often hidden by cloth. This will serve as a test area where you can see if you have bad reaction to the essential oil. If you are allergic to it, your skin will become red and swollen after about 12 hours.

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