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Becoming a Passionate Person

The word “passion” is too often interpreted narrowly to apply only to romance or sexual activity. But the truth is that all of have passions in our lives outside of our romantic endeavors. All that means it that there is something in you about which you are passionate. It could be your job, your church, your hobby or even romance. It is that thing that you think about all day and can’t wait to get back to that lights you up inside.

The teachings of Anthony Robbins are also sometimes misinterpreted. Because Robbins teaches us how to focus our minds and to guide our thoughts to use the power of thought to mold our destinies, it seems that the methods he prescribed are devoid of emotion and therefore devoid of passion. Sometimes people who don’t listen to Robbins talk or read his books think they will have to create an artificial fascination with the subject of their positive thoughts and somehow “talk themselves into” sustaining a focus on that goal in order to see the success that Anthony Robbins has experienced and that he is teaching others to enjoy.

You might be surprised and even excited to learn that the true teachings of Anthony Robbins do not deny the emotions. In fact, Robbins recognizes that our emotional system is what makes us human and that the emotions are part of how we think and interact with the world. So we can learn to use the emotions and even guide them to give us additional power to the direction we want our thoughts to go.

Similarly, that thing that we are passionate about is more than just a hobby or a side interest. Your passion in life, whatever it is, represents that thing that makes you tick and that area of life that you were put here on earth to pursue with all of your being. Instead of denying our passions, Robbins would have us dwell on them and search them because buried in that thing that makes you the most excited is your dream and maybe a quest that will eventually lead you to great success and great wealth.

In fact, the only way to truly achieve the realization of our hopes and dreams using the power of the mind and our abilities to focus and draw success to us is to go after that dream with all of the passion and enthusiasm that is in you. It is also a misconception that the only goal that fits with the teachings of Anthony Robbins is to become a millionaire. For some that might be your destiny. But the methods Robbins teaches are gifts to you and I so we can find out what is our destiny and how we can realize our dreams in life.

If that dream and destiny involve great monetary wealth, then so be it. But wealth is not only measured in terms of bank account. For one, that dream might be to live as a medical missionary doing good for others in Africa. For him or her, great wealth is represented by many hearts and lives touched and helped by that mission. For another great wealth might be to build houses for Habitat for Humanity. You may never see financial reward but the photographs of the many families you helped is all the reward you need.

By finding out what your passion is, you can then use the power of your devotion to start your path to individual fulfillment and individual wealth. The presence of that passion inside you is a signpost that has been telling you for your whole life that this was your destiny. All that Anthony Robbins is doing is making your destiny attainable. That is his passion and by using his tools to realize your dream, you are giving him wealth as well.

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