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Challenging the Gift of Inner Peace

Inner peace is a natural born gift instilled within us that are destroyed down through the years. As we grow we learn, hear, see, and find things along the path that contains within the mind. The mind stores the information through conscious and subconscious and comes out through the emotions, thoughts and actions. As we continue to grow with life, we hear lies that lead us astray on our journey to inner peace. The lies accumulate and store within the subconscious mind or conscious mind and somewhere down the road the lies will expose them self, erupt the conscious and emotions and spill out in our behaviors, actions, words, habits, thoughts, et cetera.

Life is a challenge and we all must take chances to learn as we grow. If we are frighten to take chances then we will never reach our destiny in life, nor will we find our inner peace.

We walk through the hills of life sometimes moving mountains out of our way as we move along. Each day we live, our journey through life presents us with lies, challenges, hurt, suffering, misery, joy, peace, and the list continues along the pathway.

As we progress we experience ups and downs and each time the information, pain, heartaches, et cetera consumes our mind. The information is shared with the subconscious and the conscious mind and has its variants, which include the emotions, thoughts, heart, and so on.

If you do not have inner peace, you may want to analyze your mind and have a communication within. Self-talk has proven to be more affective to gaining hope, peace, and so on, much more affective than therapy. Counselors can sit across the room and listen to your problems, but it takes you to find the answers within self.

Inner peace is a quietness of the mind. When the mind is cluttered, it is difficult to find peace. Taking control of your mind is the only way you are going to find inner peace, and that inner peace will include a truth inside of you.

Peace, we all want peace. People scream out every day for world peace, yet all of us are struggling through the havoc of living each day finding only a measure of peace at times. If the entire world had peace we’d all be living in a better place, yet just like you the world is in chaos because they do not have the foundation or information to achieve their inner peace.

Why do you think people drink? Some drink to ease pain while others drink to escape their minds information, since the subconscious has answers to questions they are afraid of hearing. Few drink because they want to escape reality in whole, but for the most part the information in their mind traps their soul and prevents it from reaching inner peace.

Why do you think people go bungee jumping? Some believe that people taking such risks are full of stupidity. The fact is few bungee jumps for the adrenaline charge. Some enjoy bungee jumping since it is a method for making contact with their inner wild side.

This brings us to a point. To achieve inner peace we must make contact with all sides of our personality. If you are missing something in your life then you feel a sense of emptiness, which means you are missing something that helps you find your inner peace. Possibly, you are afraid to take chances in life. If fear is clouding your mind, thus inner peace is locked behind the gallows of your subconscious and ready to burst through your emotions, which will appear in your behaviors, personality, habits and actions.

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you want from life? Do you know what you expect from other people? If you do not, thus you are missing the dots that connect inner peace to your life.

Inner peace is a natural born gift instilled within us that are destroyed down through the years. Take back your inner peace now by giving back to the world what it gave you through your gifts within side you.

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