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Change Is About Not Saying ‘If Only’

newgrowth_wAre you happy with your life? If not, why not? Do you feel that you’re on a treadmill, never seeming to move forward, one step forward two steps back, just surviving, living day to day, nothing to show for your efforts? If you can relate to these feelings then it is time to look in the mirror and take a long hard look at why you have reached this point in your life. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to make your mark and life can be good, exciting and fulfilling if you want it to be. Personal change and self-improvement is not difficult to achieve; in fact, it’s relatively easy if you discard the negative and embrace the positive.

Changing your life is not all about the future it’s about keeping the past in proportion and not using it as an excuse for your present situation. Yes, you are what you are now because of what’s happened in the past, but look at it from a positive aspect. Every mistake you have ever made is important and actually good for you, as long as you have used it to your advantage and learned from it. From now on, your thoughts must all be geared to the positive. Never regret anything you have done, you made a conscious decision at the time, live with it and look for the positive that came out of it, don’t use it as an excuse!

From now on never let the words ‘If Only’ pass your lips. When you use these negative words, you are just making excuses, you have no idea what would have happened if you had made a different decision. Life is not always rational or logical, you must start to take chances and even gambles, let your ‘gut feeling’ rule your head sometimes, if it feels right, it probably is right. The worst thing you can do is over analyze everything. Stop playing safe all the time, stop looking for excuses not to do something. Go with the feeling and you will never again say ‘If Only’. It’s not always going to work out the way you want, but at least you’re moving forward and can guarantee something positive will have come out of it and maybe even put you on a totally different path you would never have envisaged for yourself.

Too much thinking can be dangerous and can turn you into a ‘going nowhere’ person. It doesn’t matter what it is, haircut, relationship, work, go with your instinct, it’s actually quite exciting. Once you start moving on this track, your personality will change with it, you may even alter your appearance, you’re now living life, not watching it go by. Slowly, you will notice a difference in the way your friends, colleagues and family treat you. You have gone from the safe, boring martyr to someone they would like to be.

Once you have changed from ‘negative head’ to ‘positive instinct’ look for goals you want to achieve. They don’t all have to be about work, relationships, or learning. You need fun goals as well. Try things you would have never thought of doing, excite yourself, give yourself an adrenalin buzz occasionally. From now on, no more ‘If Only’ just replace it with ‘I Will’

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