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Choosing a Personal Coach

When getting a personal coach, it is important to get one who is not only qualified and experienced, but someone whom you are comfortable with. How do you choose such a personal coach?

1. Is The Coach Qualified?

Ask them where they got their training from. Have they clocked in enough hours to ensure their competence at the practical aspect?

Be careful of those who have experience and know little of many things. Can they really be a good personal coach?

2. What Kind Of Coaching Experience Do They Have?

Discuss with them the kind of coaching experiences they have had. Find out the kind of organization that they represent. Are they into coaching, consulting, training or an “all-in-one” type?

3. Do They Have Coaching References?

While coaching clients may prefer to remain confidential, there may be some who may be willing to talk with you.

Find out about the coach’s abilities and if they were happy with the services provided. Be careful not to discuss coaching issues, as this may offend the person.

4. What Are The Coaching Terms And Conditions?

It is important to determine the type of coaching relationship. Among the items to look into are:
– Coaching channels: is it face-to-face, phone coaching, email, others
– Frequency and duration of sessions
– Logistics
– Replacement of missed sessions
– Fees

5. How Was The Trial Session?

It is quite typical to have a first trial coaching session. This gives you an opportunity to see whether this person is actually triggering things during the session that are of value to you.

How is their rapport building with you? Are they asking you questions that are making you think in new and different ways?

This session is an early taste of more of what you will get if you decide to engage this personal coach.

6. Do They Create Confidence?

This is the person who will be coaching you. Does this person create confidence and credibility as they question you? Or is he full of advice and how much he knows?

What kinds of questions were asked? Were they thought provoking?

What kinds of answers were given? Do they reflect experience, knowledge and wisdom?

Simply speaking, do you feel comfortable and confident that this person will coach you to greater heights?

Do remember though that once you have chosen your personal coach, you need to be willing to follow through to get the best out of it.

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