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Knowing the path is different than walking the path.” – Morpheus, in The Matrix

As you know, what it takes to live a truly amazing, abundant, and inspired life is not always easy. In fact, because we have “stories” about who we are and why we are the way we are, the only way to really experience meaningful changes in your life is to change the way you perceive and live your life story. And the truth is, that can sometimes be really scary. In fact, I have a little confession to make…

Sometimes personal growth scares me a little bit. In fact, sometimes it scares me a lot!

To grow requires that I make impactful changes in my life and go beyond my comfort zones. I don’t know about you, but I kind of like being comfortable! 🙂

Still, there’s that part of me inside that KNOWS there is more to this life… and that if I really want to experience the joy and peace I know that I deserve, I have to go beyond my comfort zone… even if that is sometimes scary.

Since you’re reading this message I know that you and I have this in common:

You also understand the value of personal development and WANT to integrate new knowledge into your life… even if it is sometimes a little bit scary. You’re tired of knowing the path, and you’re ready to walk the path.

And walking this path of personal development requires courage, so as I continue to build my courage I hope that you’ll join me for the adventure.

One of the most powerful ways I’ve learned to build my courage and grow is through stories. With that in mind, I’d like to tell you a story about my friend Chris Cade…

A few years ago, a colleague heard that he was using writing as a tool for personal transformation and she just *had* to interview him. After working out some of the technical difficulties they had a delightful interview and knew that other people would really find it useful.

Okay, not just useful – this was the kind of interview that changes peoples’ lives if they’re ready to receive the gifts within. So Chris was getting ready to share it when his colleague tells him afterwards that it didn’t get recorded!

Such a beautiful interview… meant for others to learn so much from… lost… forever. Can not be reproduced. EVER. 🙁

Now, they could have been disheartened and given up but what did they do instead? Well, since they had so much fun doing it the first time, they decided to do the entire interview all over again!

Well guess what?

The second interview was even more powerful than the first! After they finished, it was obvious that the reason the first one didn’t record is because the second one is going to change lives. Fortunately, the second interview did get recorded 🙂

Click here and listen to it right now for free:

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. 🙂

Wishing you much abundance,

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