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Controlling Emotions Without Eliminating Emotions

When you set out to learn a discipline of positive thinking and self-motivation, it is easy to see yourself like a guru on the top of a mountain, always in a state of contemplative serenity because you have such total control over your mind and being. But that image is not in step with how the thousands of people live who have become successful implementing the teachings of Anthony Robbins to turn their lives from ones that embrace failure to lives that embrace success. And a life that is constantly serene and never devoid of emotion is not in keeping with what Anthony Robbins teaches at all.

In fact, Robbins’ teaching recognizes that not only are emotions a crucial part of who we are as people but they are primary motivators for our actions and the direction our lives take. The emotions are more than just feelings that take over and seem to turn you from a rational creature to an emotional mess. The truth is that we all are experiencing emotions at almost every moment of the day. You even experience them while you are asleep which explains how wild your dreams can get sometimes.

A little known fact is that our emotions could actually be viewed as our early warning system to our priorities and where our heart really lies. In that way, emotions are as much part of our thinking system and the way we make our decisions as our rational powers are. To try and deny the emotions robs you of two important jobs they do for you. The first and most important job is that your emotions are a signal to you of the direction you may want to go about a certain decision.

We recognize this as true the most when it comes to romance where our heart is able to guide us through our emotions. But it is just as true about decisions about family life, career, finances and friendships. The emotions simply “think” through feelings what your heart is really telling you. This is the famous “gut feel” test that so many have come to depend on. That “gut” is the instinct that can only be communicated through emotions and in many cases, it is telling you something worth listening to.

The second great value that your emotions give you is the power to make change. If you act on your feelings especially when they are in step with your goals and dreams in life, the power of emotion will propel you toward success much faster than if you went after that goal on sheer will power alone. Athletes know this so they have trained their emotions to give them power and determination to win at their sport and to endure the grueling training they need to succeed. Emotions can give you that drive and that determination as well if you can channel it toward the goals and dreams you are trying to achieve in life.

Just as you are learning through the teachings of self-affirmation and positive thinking that Anthony Robbins and others are teaching you that you can take control of your mind, your thoughts, your attitudes and your ambitions, you can also learn to use your emotions in a way that empowers you rather than allowing them to stop you or drag you down. It means you don’t deny your emotions. That is like denying your thinking apparatus entirely.

Instead, you get in touch with your emotional center. You synchronize the goals and motivations of your emotional system so you are a person who is driven in every respect toward the same dreams of success. And when your emotions are tied in with your ambitions in life, that combination is unstoppable. And only then are you not avoiding your emotions at all but empowering them and utilizing them as the explosive power to make your success come more quickly and decisively in your life.

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