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Don’t Lose Yourself Whilst In A Relationship

At last, you have found the person of your dreams; the one you’ve been searching for all of your life, and then one day you begin to feel a little trapped, with no time just for yourself. Most people want to a have a healthy relationship with their ideal soul mate but in order to keep this relationship on an even keel, it is imperative to have a little “me” time too.

It is not ideal for you to always be with your partner. This is a common mistake made by many couples, whether they are still in the honeymoon stage of their love affair or they have been together for years. If you create time for yourself you will have a lot more to offer to your partnership.

Many people who spend most of their time with their mate feel lonely and confused when they are away from them for any reason but there are a few ways you can combat this feeling, and at the same time give your best to your partner when you are together.

1. Pass the evening with your head buried in a good book. This peaceful time at home, reading with no interruptions will rejuvenate you when you meet up with your love again.

2. Watch a movie that you have been waiting to see – one that holds no interest for your partner, say, a good chick flick for example. Don’t tell yourself you cannot ever see this movie just because your partner does not want to see it.

3. Pay a visit to your family. They are important and should not be neglected as you maybe did when you were first so wrapped up with the new love of your life.

4. Chill out with your mates. If they are good friends you will be able to loosen up and there will be no need to worry about how you are coming across to them. If your partner displays an unnatural jealousy towards you friends, it may be worth considering whether or not to continue with the relationship. Ask yourself “is this healthy?”

5. Partake in sports or your favorite leisure time activity. For instance, if you play golf but your partner doesn’t there is absolutely no reason why you should not get yourself down to the golf course for a few rounds. There is nothing you should not be doing, just because it is not an interest of your partner.

6. Sometimes it just great to stay in and have a pamper night. Relax in a hot tub with candles and soothing music. This is sure to enhance your mood for later on when you see your partner again.

7. Shop ‘till you drop. Go and treat yourself to something nice, and if you are feeling generous you can always buy your partner something new too. If you are short of cash you can always window shop making plans for your next payday.

Stop for lunch while shopping and enjoy that whopping chocolate desert, you know, the one you would be too ashamed for your lover to see you plowing your way through.

Keeping your relationship alive and healthy requires “me” as much as “we” time. Likewise when your partner discovers their own time is important, don’t be jealous, allow them to chill in their own way too. This can only strengthen your relationship and prepare the way for a long a happy future together.

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  • aowaow February 9, 2008, 7:14 am

    Nice article, Kevin.

    I just love the part you mention,

    “Many people who spend most of their time with their mate feel LONELY and confused…”

    nice one. thanks for sharing

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