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Dreams and Their Meaning

dreamcatcher_wDreams are important happenings within the brain. They have always been the focus of curiosity, interest and quest of the human mind. Scientists say that everyone dreams, though not everyone remembers their dreams. Dreams provide an important channel for looking into the esoteric world of the unconscious mind.

From a western point of view, two people have contributed a lot to understanding the human brain. One is Sigmund Freud and the other is Carl Jung.

According to Freud, dreams are a way of fulfilling the suppressed and unattained desires of a person during their waking state. In his view, these unfulfilled wishes of a person during the waking state of consciousness are predominant in stimulating disturbances in the mind which are expressed through dreams.

Carl Jung went further by stating that dreams reveal more than fulfilling the personal wishes of the conscious (or waking) state. He said that dreams are “communication channels” of the individual consciousness with the cosmic (or collective unconscious) consciousness. He also said the collective unconscious is the same for everyone, whether he is an American, an Indian or an African.

Now dreams can be of different types like prophetic dreams, intuition dreams or lucid dreams. The dream may be a forerunner of the important things and events that are about to happen in your life. Dreams may telling you about what is going to happen to you or your relatives or friends. They may also be a warning to you ahead of time, about an accident that is about to happen. The intuition dreams are one in which we get some nudges to take some action for the betterment or to cancel some actions.

Different symbols appear in the dreams. The symbols that appear differ from person-to-person depending on their unique experiences in life. However, there are some symbols which belong to the collective unconscious and are common to most people. Symbols like animals coming in dreams are part of the collective unconscious, as different animals have specific meanings in dreams.

Also, it is said the timing of the dreams and the emotions one has during or after the dream, play an important part in interpreting the dream. The early sleep and dream cycles are the deepest and have short dream periods. Later dream cycles are lighter and have longer dream periods.

According to the Yogis, dreams are the domain of both the gods and the demons. They say that if God (or universe or spirit) wants to speak to you, they usually do so, through the dream plane. When one prays to God, and God wants to responds to you it is usually through the dream plane. Also dreams can be used to get solutions to complex problems in different areas of life.

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  • Janie October 3, 2009, 2:30 pm

    Awesome post. Dreams are fascinating! I’ve always subscribed to Carl Jung’s idea that dreams are communication channels within the collective conscience. But I also think they can be prophetic. Mine have thier own symbolism. For instance, a rainstorm means something really good is going to happen in a few days. It never fails.

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