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Finding Inner Peace When Spontaneous in Nature

When a person has a spontaneous nature, they often lack the tools to obtain inner peace, since the mind leans more on the child and creative side to function, rather than having balance. The mind composes several tools, combining them to help us stay focus, and function properly throughout our lifetime.

In the brain is the parenting side, child side, creative side, rebellious parent, critical parent and so on. When the mind leans on the creative side and child parent, the person often finds it difficult to take life serious.

People must set goals and work toward those goals to feel a sense of serenity. When that ability to set goals is disturbed because of imbalance the person often feels rushed. If medical or mental illness exist the person may feel cluttering of the mind often, but for the most part natural spontaneous souls find it difficult to relax, since at the spur of the moment the person may respond to impulses.

Many people of spontaneous nature have a creative side that means they either have the gift of music, writing, art, et cetera. To find inner peace the person must come to an agreement with his/her desires to obtain the ability to reach goals, which according to experts brings inner peace.

If the person fails to make the connection, life will be a roller coaster ride throughout the person’s lifetime. Therefore, making a connection and finding balance is the answer for spontaneous nature people to find inner peace.

All of us must come to terms with our subconscious mind and emotions while training the conscious mind to find inner peace. At what time we search our subconscious mind we will find the answers too many unanswered questions.

The subconscious mind works with the emotions and conscious mind, thus when the conscious mind cannot store the information obtained to its entirety it will send the data back to the subconscious mind and there it will hide with motive to input the information later back to the subconscious, or else come through the emotions.

When the information comes to the emotions it may present self irrationally, which is one of the biggest problems humans have, since they may act out angrily, and so on. Therefore, to get in touch and find balance of the mind the person must be willing to destroy the guile that destroys the mind and halts it from finding inner peace.

Once you come to agreement with your mind and past, the reach for inner peace is downhill. The subconscious stores clips from our past. We all have ghosts from the past. Therefore, learning to accept what you cannot change and learning to change what you can is part of what is needed to reach inner peace.

We also have a spiritual side. Throughout our lifetime, we have all come into contact with religious teachings. At what time we start elementary the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag is taught to us, which is an ungodly form of religion. The bible tells us to NOT worship, idols that resemble the stars, heavens or earth, thus we are taught wrongful religious teachings. Therefore, clearing the lies of spiritual teachings is part of what is needed to find inner peace.

You may think you do not believe in true religion, or claim to be Atheist, but the fact is at birth we all have spiritual desire incorporated into our minds and soul. Finding agreement of mind and balance brings forth inner peace. Inner peace is a quietness of the mind, whereas the mind is not pondering daily and each night, searching for answers. Why me? This is a question people have asked for years, and some of these people believe they were picked for persecution. The fact is none of us where picked for persecution and we all have the natural gift of inner peace, it just takes mind over matter to get it.

Now, if you are spontaneous learn to take control of your mind while putting restraints on your impulses, so you can find your inner peace.

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