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Finding or Hiring a Life Coach

help_wHave you lost your way in life? If this happens, what you need is someone to help you pick yourself up. That person could be your best friend or a total stranger. Such an individual is called a life coach and this is how you go about finding or hiring one.

The first step in finding or hiring a life coach is to tell certain people about how you feel and that you think you need a life coach. You should only spread this information to a select few so this can be kept a secret between you and them.

The reason you are telling them is that they may have had this experience before and may be able to refer a life coach to you. After all, it is better to work with someone you know rather than go looking for someone who claims to be a life coach in the newspaper or the Internet.

If none of your family or friends has ever consulted with a life coach, perhaps it is time to put yourself out there and find one. To do that, you should attend seminars by people who decide to have one. When you are there, listen to what they say and try to get a feel of their personality. Should this person be an ideal candidate, get a chance to talk with them and then take it from there.

There are several people who claim to be life coaches but in reality are fakes. So you know this person is a professional, make sure that they are certified. Life coaches’ should be accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF).

This is a body that sets the international standards for professional coaching ethics, training and practices. Keep in mind that a certified life coach has undergone rigorous training so they are able to help a person.

Apart from looking for someone who is certified, you should also ask the potential life coach for references so you can ask how they performed in the past. The references that are given must be people that this person helped not a friend or a family member.

The last thing to look for when looking or hiring a life coach is to assess whether you guys will work together or not. You like someone because you felt a spark and something similar to that should also be found. That way, you will comfortable around this person and you can trust and believe whatever they say.

But apart from certification, references and chemistry, there are other thing to look for in a life coach. For one, he or she must have had the same experience or something similar to what you are going through otherwise they don’t know what they are talking about.

Since you want to know more about them, it is only right that they offer a one-time free consultation. You don’t know the life coach and vice versa so use this time to get to know them.

One of the questions you should ask is what is their coaching style? There are many ways to help someone and if you are not comfortable with how they do it, then you should probably find someone else.

One deciding factor to consider when finding or hiring a life coach is how much they charge. Most will charge $240 to $450 per month. This person will not be around 24/7 and most of the time, they will be around like 2 hours monthly which can be divided into 30-minute sessions that equals 4 30-minute sessions, 3 45 minutes sessions or 2 1-hour sessions.

Money shouldn’t be the real issue when you are looking for a life coach. The same goes for age because this is irrelevant as long as they are properly trained and certified.

If after everything you feel that this person could be your life coach, and then stick with them until that you feel that their services are no longer needed. You might say that these people are like guardian angels that go around and help people like yourself then leave knowing you will be all right.

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