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Finding Your Comfort Zone

Finding your comfort zone can help you reduce anxiety and panic. It depends on your problem or the type of person you are, however you can reach a comfort level within yourself by applying and putting forth the effort to achieve. To help you find your comfort zone we can consider a few options.

Do you have problems asserting yourself and often find you doing something you do not want to do? Thus, you need a comfort zone with assertiveness if this is the case. There is nothing wrong with assertively telling others that you do not want to involve yourself in their plans. There is nothing wrong with saying no.

Assertiveness is self-confidence and self-assurance rolled into one that enables us to feel confident while firmly expressing our feelings. Sometimes we may feel panicky or anxious worrying about reactions and outcomes, however most people if you explain your situation will leave you alone. For instance, I had a person who befriended my son, an older man come to my home drunk, in which I had to ask my friend to get rid of him. He made me nervous, panicky, and anxious. He returned the next day, and I assertively said, “Oh, no. I have work, to complete and it is more important than hanging around talking.” He said, “Are you mad at me?” I clearly said, “No, I am assertively telling you that I have responsibilities.” IT was done and over with and he has not returned. As you can see, sometimes you have to let a person know that you have intentions, while alerting them to the meaning of assertiveness. This often helps clear the threats, which affects the emotions, thus causing stress to rise, potential anxiety and panic room to step in. Therefore, taking care of the problem now and learning to assert yourself can help you find a comfort zone.

Comfort is learning to console yourself, relieve yourself of problems, and to calm the nerves. If you learn to find your comfort zone, you will discover a new you and a peace of mind. Comfort brings you relief while increasing your well-being. As you strengthen your well-being while learning to relax you will find contentment within you.

Sometimes we work too hard and become overstressed. Thus, if you are working hard you might benefit from setting up a schedule that includes free time. If you find time for yourself, you will learn to relax. Still, as you find time for yourself you should use some of the time to self-talk and learn more about you to find your comfort zone. Most times, we apply pressure to ourselves, making the mind believe if we do not do this now it will hinder us from achieving. Doing it now will help you clear time, which takes you closer to achievement. Check your thinking to learn the true effects instead of setting stressors up in your mind.

Lack of proper rest can increase stress levels. It is important to work toward proper rest so it will reduce stress. Once you setup schedules, plans, goals, and work to achieve while retraining your mind to live better you will soon feel free in mind. Once you feel free in mind, you will have a level of comfort, which reduces anxiety and panic.

To better yourself is a sure-fire way of reducing stressors, stress, anxiety and panic. At what time you take the steps you will soon want to include healthier activities in your life.

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