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Fitting Improvement into Your Busy Lifestyle

reading1_wYou may have come to that point as many of us have of realizing the improvement you have seen in other people’s lives after reading the books that Anthony Robbins has written is something you want. Of all the “positive thinking” authors, Robbins is by far the most successful and there is a reason for that. His teachings are practical and start where you are and take you step by step to a more positive and fulfilling life. And along the way, he teaches you the principles of positive thinking, self-affirmation and how to use the power of your thoughts to begin realizing your dreams.

But it is hard to realize your dreams if you don’t have time in your life to read the materials you have bought and to think about them so you can make them part of your life. There may be no more frustrating situation than to realize that your life will begin to get better when you can take the time to learn the important lessons Robbins has to teach. Especially if you cannot take the time to learn them because your life is so hectic and out of control.

When you look at your bookshelf at the several books you have by Robbins, don’t you wish you had an entire evening a week to just sit and read and work through what Anthony Robbins has to teach? Well the first thing he would tell you based on what he teaches in his seminars and books is you have to be sensible and start where you are. By knowing where you, then you have a firm foundation to understand where you are going.

There may be another way for you to begin to absorb the teachings of Robbins’ materials without setting aside entire evening for reading. One idea is to instead set aside about fifteen to thirty minutes one or two mornings each week. Instead of trying to fit reading time in at night when you have chores to do, children to tend to and you are tired and just ready for bed, just set your alarm clock ahead by a half-hour once or twice a week.

When you rise, don’t give yourself an extensive reading assignment. Robbins principles are taught in small concepts, each of which is suitable for contemplation and reflection. In fact, if you digest one of Anthony Robbins’ books slowly by reading just 20-30 minutes a day, you give yourself time to absorb what you have learned and think about it all day long.

So sit down with the book you are trying to conquer and simply read one concept or idea from your current chapter. Read it slowly and if you need to, read it again or read it out loud. These ideas are revolutionary and their intent is to change how you think. So once you have read the concept until you understand it, put the book down. If there are exercises that would help you implement that part of Robbins’s teachings, note them for later. Now you are ready to start your day.

You have many small moments in your day when you are waiting and your time is not used. They might come in traffic as you commute in your car or on the bus or train. Or you may have moments while waiting for a meeting. Use those small spans of time to reflect on what you learned that morning. By allowing that teaching to linger in the back of your mind, it can integrate into your consciousness.

Then by that evening you will begin to have an understanding of what you read that is deeper than you can get with just a quick read. You will learn more and learn better and before long you will have conquered those materials and know the satisfaction that you are on your way to a better and happier life because you stuck with it.

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