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How to Become More Creative

sunburst_wThere are many ways to get a job done. You can follow what people have done in the past or tried something that has never been done before. Such a technique is in itself creativity because when faced with a problem, sometimes you have to think out of the box to find the answer you are looking for. The question now is, how can you become more creative

To become more creative, you can read books and apply techniques that are used in case to the situation you are facing. Will it always work? Of course not but this can give other people ideas. What you have done in short is get the ball rolling.

Apart from reading books, your creativity may also show itself after attending a seminar or a lecture because such events allow people from a similar field to share ideas and opinions. This is why some professionals attend conventions because there are breakthroughs and inventions that were not available before which can be used now.

Some people get ideas from simple things. It could be a television show, something they saw in the mall or even the museum. If you see something interesting, take note of it and then ask how it works. If you have a notepad, write it down so you can always go back to it later. Try to see things the way they are and not how you think it is.

You can also be creative by trying new things and knowing if it will work or not. You don’t have to do this for anybody just yourself so you know what risks you can take and at the same time have fun. A good example will be try a new sport or learn a musical instrument.

Another will be to improve on something that has already been made. In fact, this is how many people have made a fortune. Remember all those gadgets sold on the home shopping network? Although there are devices or machines already that can do the job, these people have decided to make a device that is smaller or more compact.

If you think about the items being sold, if you knew a little better, you could be the ones making the money not them. The only difference is that they paid attention to their creative side more thus they were able to make it and the only thing you can do is buy the item.

You can also become more creative by playing games. A good example is the toy Lego. Although you can assemble something based on the picture and the instruction manual, it allows you to build your own thing. This is the only toy that can do that with other brands following the same theme.

If your life seems to be a routine, do something different for a change. There are places to see and things to do so go out and travel.

Believe it or not, you can also foster creativity by taking a break and then working on it again later. This gives your mind time to recharge so you can continue what you were working on.

One technique that can do that is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. People who have tried it say that it is powerful and very quick and easy to learn. One way to do that is through acupuncture and after you pull out the needles, it clears your mind off everything so you become more open to suggestions.

There are many ways to foster creativity. You can learn it by looking at things, listening to people or through simple discovery. For the most part, it is something we have that must be nurtured so you shouldn’t be afraid to also express yourself once in awhile.

The beauty of being human is that we are capable of learning things no matter how old we become. Creativity is something innate that you discover it as a child and as you realize later, it must be pursued continuously later in life so you are always learning every single day. Remember, such an activity should be fun so don’t stress yourself out.

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