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Human Conditioning And Personal Transformation

Human beings are conditioned from babies to behave in certain ways. Our parents, other family members, teachers, neighbors and others constantly gave us suggestions that influenced how we see the world. Some of it protected us from doing harmful things, but a lot of it led to negative and limiting beliefs that prevent us from living fully successful lives as adults.

Parents may mean well, but their own fears can often be conveyed to their children. For example, if they have had a bad experience with dogs they may impress their fear upon their children. Or if they had a scare swimming, they may give their children a fear of drowning. They can also impart beliefs that affect their children’s ability to have a relationship by making comments such as “men are only after one thing” or “women just want your money.”

Our parents are not only our first teachers, they are our most powerful. When we are young we need to be guided by them for our own safety, however when we reach adulthood it is important to re-evaluate the beliefs we carry. Most of us are probably unaware of the limitations placed on our lives as a result of our beliefs. Our beliefs influence our attitudes towards life and our expectations which in turn affect our relationships, our financial security and the way we experience the world in general.

Our beliefs create our reality. In other words, the level of health and prosperity we experience can largely be tracked back to our beliefs. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an energy meridian therapy which works on releasing negative energy and emotions and reprogramming beliefs. An EFT practitioner can often uncover underlying causes of health and other problems linked to beliefs and associated emotions which can then be released and replaced with more positive expectations. Sometimes these beliefs are a result of childhood programming, sometimes personal experiences and often from simply absorbing a steady diet of sensational and negative news reporting.

So, how should we deal with limiting beliefs? We all know people whose lives seem to flow easily, yet they are not more talented, experienced or intelligent than us. There are those in our own profession who are well ahead of us on their career path with no more experience or education. Their looks, possessions and current bank account do not appear to hold them back. So what are the factors that influence success or limit it?

The first step to programming yourself for success is to be honest about your current situation. You need to acknowledge where you are at in life and admit your tendency to repeat mistakes or to suffer the same problems repeatedly. These are patterns that must be identified before they can be overcome. You may find that you are repeating patterns your parents had towards money, diet or relationships because you have absorbed their beliefs about these things.

There are a number of excellent self help resources that can help you identify the patterns in your life. It can actually be helpful to join a group of people who are working through the same issues. By hearing other people’s stories you may recognize similarities in your own life. You can learn from other people’s experiences and obtain emotional support for your own journey.

Once you begin the life changing journey of personal transformation, you will find that it continues throughout your life. You will observe, without being critical, those who prefer the safety of their familiar lives. However, you will realize that you are choosing the more difficult but more rewarding path of inner change. This can be more challenging than any physical journey and require an enormous amount of courage and determination. Yet, the rewards are also enormous and once you receive them you would not wish to be back in your comfort zone.

Take care and enjoy!

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