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Inner Peace and the Power of the Mind

The mind composes of emotions and thoughts, which stem from the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. The mind has audio and visual capabilities, which invokes the triggers that stressors slam on our emotions.

After years of dealing with stressors, stress, words, sounds, observations, teachings, et cetera, the mind comes to the terms that it needs to decide what is lacking to reach inner peace. We hear lies, philosophies, theories, truths, opinions, and case studies throughout our lifetime, thus the mind overloaded searches for the truths of each piece of information going through the channels of the brain.

Traditions, beliefs and standards compose when the mind reaches certain faze of development. The beliefs, standards and traditions integrate into our minds by influences, experience, teachings, politics, law and religion.

Criminal justice instigated and enforced a history of pain and suffering, while many religions work hard to convince the mind of their beliefs, standards and traditions. Religion alone is a broad influence that evokes thoughts and triggers the emotions. As created souls, on earth we are here to fulfill needs, desires, and a spiritual part of our souls.

If our mind lacks what we need that makes an entire human being feel peace, thus the mind works on emotions that lead people in to chaos.

To find inner peace you must reach deep within your mind, which controls our entire being, searching for what you need to restore your peace of mind. To do this you must come to grips with your emotions, mind, and remove any guile that clams the emotions. You must also search your heart to learn if any guile paints your mind into a world of negative thinking, guilt, or doubts.

Doubts mean that you have not found a truth in particular information that came available in your mind through teaching, observation, sound, et cetera. Doubt can also exist when a person is in a relationship. Finding where the doubt is stemming from will help you to put the pieces together to find the truths and satisfy the emotions.

From the beginning of time, our creation included a conscious and subconscious. When we are conscious and in touch with our subconscious mind it shows strong character, positive persuasion, convictions, and inner peace.

The subconscious mind is similar to the emotions with the different that the emotions when triggered act out in several ways, while the subconscious mind prompts the emotions. The emotions may not have an answer at the time it is triggered, since the subconscious mind is storing data linked to the stress occurred by the trigger, thus finding peace with the subconscious mind is finding inner peace.

We all have a past and stemming from our past is guile that accumulated down through the years. The guile stores itself in either the conscious mind or subconscious mind and waits for the right moment to display itself to self or others. Some of us have very haunting pasts, thus recommendation to trauma patients searching for inner peace, should be to search the subconscious mind in a safe haven, or at your counselors office.

It is far too dangerous in some instances for trauma patients to attempt finding their inner peace. Still it is doable. The subconscious has the truths stored within, since the beginning of our creation; we have the ability to find the truth.

Finding the truth is a long process, however at the end of the road is a bright future waiting for you. When a person comes to terms with the subconscious mind, thus the emotions learn to relax.

To find inner peace self-talk can direct you along the path. Learning self-talk skills will help you to come in contact with your emotions, thoughts, subconscious mind, beliefs, traditions, et cetera. Self-talk guides you through the chambers of your mind, into the world of your past and future, and will help you to determine what you want from life.

Thus, the conclusion says it all, since when you know what you want out of life, inner peace guides you the rest of the way through your journey of reaching your goals, going for your dreams, and filling your desires.

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