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Is Silence Really Golden?

The stillness of a dark night sky can remind a person of their human aloneness and solitude. For many of us, being so busy every day and all the time, the lack of noise and business causes an unnerving and even a terrifying sense of helplessness.

Our fears of silence and solitude can be confirmed even by the early Romans and Greeks who populated the distant skies with spirits, god-like astrological signs and star animals.

Horoscope readers find comfort in the belief that stars and planets are concentrated and spell out our fates. Horoscopes daily point out what we find right with life and what needs to be changed and what to expect for that day. All reports are based on the sky and the planets.

Disliking silence so much becomes a fear of looking at all that is within us. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how we feel and how we conduct our business and our lives.

Technology has already given us multiple ways to avoid silence such as radio, television, cell phones, games, emails, mall shopping, text-messaging, etc. We can go to bed with music or television and awake to the same. If we want to avoid silence, an app of some kind is available for that very situation.

There is an old religious saying that claims the cure for loneliness is solitude. The turnaround shows when we have conquered the fear of solitude, we discover that we are not alone. That there is a more powerful being within us is a thought that comes to everyone at various times when we take a little break from the noise and bustle of daily living. Bringing a temporary halt to our busy, fast-paced daily lives allow us to tap into conversations within ourselves. The noise only distracts and prevents us from this conversation.

When a person first attempts to bring more silence into daily living, it can cause anxiety and irritation, a feeling of weirdness because we are not used to silence. It is very strange to watch a minute tick by and realize how very long that minute really is. We want to make sure our time is up so that we can get on to bigger and better things.

Working through silence can be scary; but, a place of peace will come through and this is where the silence changes into a place of quality. It is in this most peaceful place that we are more in tune with our self and with our God. It is here that we discover that silence is not an absence, but a presence, not boring, but refreshing, and not stressful, but calming.

“We can often hear ourselves think”. As the world prepares for a winter’s sleep, maybe it is time to take a little break from the every day noise and find a little bit of solace and silence to become a better person in tune with the surroundings of life itself.

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