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Maya Angelou’s advice for you

Over the past few weeks you may have seen me mention Chris Cade and his fascinating approach to the Law of Attraction and how we can transform our lives through story. Turns out he’s not the only one who knows the power of story. It’s not exactly a *novel* idea!

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Our most famous leaders, historic figures and writers have all witnessed and professed the power of story to change your life, including Maya Angelou, Joseph Campbell, Eudora Welty, Rumi and so many others.

Chris has collected their most poignant advice into a quick five-minute video I know you’ll enjoy. Just click the link below to watch it fr*e*e (no email required):

Watch This Inspiring Video

And take a look at what others have been saying about Chris’ most recent video…

“Thank you, Chris. Your beautiful video spoke to my soul and made me feel happy, calm and one with the universe. I felt the truth in your work. I am now confidence in learning to write and to express my life purpose to the world through stories. Thank you for teaching us.” – Meilin Ehlke

“Thanks Chris, you inspire me in so many ways. The words you’ve chosen to highlight in this video will help me see the strength I need to do more ‘swooshing’ than embracing of self doubt. I am certain you have touched many others also.” – Vicky Schutte

“Very Inspiring and touched my hurting heart. Keep your stories coming for it gives me life.” – Beverly B.

Those are just a few of the comments that have been made about this latest video 🙂


P.S. And remember to grab your copy of Chris Cade’s Inscribe Your Life. It will only be available at its introductory price of $47 for a few more days!


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