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Negative Thinking Robbing Souls of Inner Peace

Negative thinking robs the soul of inner peace. As a positive person, one thing I detest is negative thinking. My son is the biggest pessimistic in the world in my opinion, and this boy can drive a mother out of her mind if she allows him to do so.

One thing I notice about negative thinkers is they rarely feel comfortable with self. Feeling comfortable with self is one of the elements required to channel in on inner peace. negative thinkers are full of voids that leave them empty throughout their lifetime.

Negative thinkers rarely find inner peace, because when they are full of damning thoughts there is no room for quietness of the mind. Inner peace is quietness, a calmness of the mind, and negative thinkers often gravel often, whereas they have weak visions and words. Daily these lost souls go through the hours spending every waken moment spilling out their mind over nothing.

Inner peace…will negative thinkers ever have inner peace? Possibly, but it will take longer to achieve than those with minds spending positive feedback. My son again, I felt was the biggest negative thinker in the world, which often irritated me. I could kick that boy and fear each time he opens his mouth to speak. Thus, how can I find inner peace? I learnt to let it go. If he is speaking, I listen to the first sentence and if it appears, he is heading nowhere my ears close immediately and I go back to my own thoughts, which I have minimized over the years.

Bipolar patients often have pessimistic out views. Thus, these people often wonder through life nagging about each detail. Some believe it is the bipolar that causes this reaction, but after spending a year getting a bipolar patient under control, I learned that it is a pattern rather than a part of the diagnosis.

The person has not come to grips with the mind. The symptoms of bipolar gear up the mind charging it for a bout of ongoing talk, but it is the person’s mind that is spitting out the negative thought, which in turn robs them of their inner peace.

Thus, to find inner peace you have to reach within your mind and come to agreement with your past, now and behaviors and habits. My son has ADHD, which forces him to speak abruptly interrupting, or else act like a Wildman on drugs. Still, he has a negative relationship with his brain because he chose to think the way he thinks. He also has Psychosis and Schizophrenia, which one is a disease of the mind. Thus, it is difficult for him because his audio, visual, and ability to perceive is affected, but still he can find inner peace if he would only let those negative thoughts go.

Amazingly, I have been around people with psychopathic tendencies, and these people think positive thoughts more so than, few of those with less severe mental illnesses think. It is amazing how the mind works, but to achieve inner peace positive thinking has to develop.

If you think negative on an ongoing basis, realize you are not only robbing your self of inner peace, you possibly are robbing others of their inner peace. personally, misery loves company and I prefer to stay away from those in misery. You have the capacity to gain control over your mind and find the hope within you to obtain inner peace. sitting around making excuses is not leading you anywhere but further behind your inner peace.

Inner peace is a gift. All of us have the ability to reach our inner peace. A mentally retarded person has the ability to reach his/her inner peace. You may wander why, but the truth is we were all born with the truth inside of us, and our brain was constructed to lead us to the path to inner peace.

Now, if you are a negative thinker you are not only wasting your time, you are wasting time of those that have to listen to you nag about each detail of life. accept things you cannot change and do something about the things you can change.

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