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Personal Coaching

talking_wPersonal coaching is more than just a “trendy” subject. It is becoming more and more a foundational part of success as more and more people engage with a coach and get results they could not get without the coach.

Personal coaching has been positively discussed in magazines and newspapers such as Fortune, Time and the Wall Street Journal. It is also a popular talk show subject on radio and TV.

So what is personal coaching? It can be described as working one on one with a mentor or coach that pushes you into your highest potential. It is a positive environmental strength based way of deciding your goals and the specific actions you need to take to reach those goals.

A good coach will be fully engaged in helping you research what it is you REALLY want (the deep down part of you that you were created to be) and will show you what it will take to get there – breaking it down into small do-able steps you take to propel you forward.

Coaches help you reach your personal success (whatever you decide that is for you). They provide thoughtful encouraging forward-moving accountability that helps you make your goals become your reality.

Coaches are an encouraging guide. They challenge you to expand the way you think and see your life and those around you. They help you make better choices/ decisions about how you invest your time each day. They help you in developing a strategic life plan that actually give you the results you want.

Some results that coaching clients experience are:

* Becoming more organized and efficient which leads to increased profitability and marketability in the work world

* Reducing stress by learning what you need to focus on. Letting go of the extraneous time wasters that hinder you from reaching your goals.

* Completing projects through accountability and positive reinforcement

* Learning how to transition through changes in your personal or professional lives in a way that is best and most in line with your strengths and core beliefs

* Getting positive healthy control over the way you spend your time and your life is scheduled. Feeling great knowing the time you are spending on tasks is fruitful because you have determined (with your coach) exactly what you need to do and not do.

Personal coaching is not a fad. It is a proven method for improving your life that creates results you would not see otherwise.

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