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Playing Games is a Fun Way to Exercise your Brain

Many people enjoy playing games as a source of entertainment as well as a way to have some fun. However, playing games also helps you to exercise your brain. This is a great way to keep your mental health in check. There are plenty of games that fall into this category. Basically anything that needs you to do some thinking will help you keep it healthy.

Sudoku has become a popular game that people play. With this puzzle you have to fill in the grid. Each line going down as well as across has to have the digits 1 through 9 used only once. It is a game that needs you to use deductive reasoning because there are several possibilities for each square on the grid until you start working to narrow them down.

Crossword puzzles and work search puzzles are also great forms of games you can engage in to exercise your brain. Why not get yourself a few books with these games in them. You can keep it with you to do in the car while you wait to pickup kids. You can even take it to the office to upwind on your lunch hour with the time remaining after you eat.

Memory is a way to exercise your brain as you have to try to remember where certain pictures are so you can match them up. This isn’t a game just for kids as it helps adults too with their brains staying on top of the game. If you have youngsters in the house they will love to play such a game with you. There are plenty of board games too that get you thinking. You will be giving your brain a good workout while you are having fun playing the game as well.

Don’t worry if you don’t have someone around to play though board games with you. The internet is full of places where you can play them. Some of the favorites are memory and Scrabble that people can easily access on-line. There are also many of the Sudoku puzzles, crosswords, and word searches on-line as well.

Many of you are likely saying that this sounds great but you just don’t have the time to do it. If you are motivated to improve your mental well-being you will make time for it. Carve out about 30 minutes a day when you can take part in such activities. You may find you love getting up earlier in the morning. You can exercise your brain before work and while the rest of your household is still in bed. This can change your attitude for the rest of the day.

Turn the TV off in the evening and spend some time playing these types of games alone or with a family member. You can even invite friends over to play them with you so you get some social interaction with them as well. Try various new games too so you don’t get bored playing the same one all the time. However, most people find that they have a couple of favorites that they enjoy playing each day.

Most of these games offer several different levels as well. To get the most exercise for your brain start out with the easy stuff. This is especially true if you are new to a given game. It gives you time to learn the rules and time to device some effective strategies. As your skill improves, continue to challenge your brain by moving into more advanced levels of the game.

Find those games that you enjoy playing. That way exercising your brain won’t be a chore for you. Keeping your brain sharp with such games is going to pay off for you in various ways. You will be surprised at how much it improves various aspects of your life. You will find that you have less stress and that it is easier to decide. You will also find that your memory is improving.

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