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Positive Answers To The “Why Can’t I Succeed?” Question

By guest blogger Mike Brescia, Think Right Now International

Hello my friend

Some of the most common questions we get on a daily basis are phrased something like these…

– I just can’t control my urges… Am I stupid?
– Why do I get nervous to the point I have to throw up?
– Even though I won’t make any money unless I pick up the phone, why can’t I get myself to do it.
– I have all this stuff to do on my list, why won’t I do it… or, what should I do first?
– I’ve read dozens of books on positive thinking, motivation, confidence, and others that deal specifically with the area I want to succeed in… why can’t I follow the advice?
– I’ve been in therapy, counseling, talked with friends, etc., but I’m still lost. Why?
– I’m about to lose my marriage. Why can’t I change enough to save it?

There are a number of variations to these questions…

The major theme is a frustration with knowing what you want to do and how you want to be, but not being able to get yourself to do it… or not being able to feel comfortable enough to get through certain types of situations.

The thing is, you can’t keep advice from a book, therapy session or seminar in your working mind for long before your mind gets flooded with the concerns and decisions of the moment… and you go on auto-pilot… you act as you always have without having to think.

You “forget” to do what you were told to do.

To make habit changes and to change the way you feel, you would have to read the same book constantly (provided it is helpful advice), meaning every day. And even then, you’d be reading a lot of filler text that would waste hours and days and weeks and months.

Yes, therapy, counseling, friends and family can be incredibly useful… life saving.

But 1-3 hours a week where the bulk of it is spent complaining about what someone did or said to you… or in whining about what you did to someone else and beating yourself up with guilt, only to have a few minutes of constructive advice is not very helpful. It is definitely not FAST change.

Life IS fast.

Major split-second decisions need to be made. Many interruptions and temptations come at you every hour. Things need to get done quickly and correctly. Time stops for no one.

So taking weeks and months and years to get to the root of your limitations doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t fit in with the pace of life.

That is why most people give up on “self-help” efforts too soon… impatience.

There are only 11 main reasons for all failures.

There are many more reasons, actually, but all the other ones happen because of these main 11.

The only things that stop you:

The 11 main reasons for all failure

1) Failures, mistakes, setbacks, delays, criticism negatively affect self-image… creates image of failure in specific life area
2) Failures, mistakes, setbacks, delays, criticisms have only or mostly negative meanings
3) Feeling no responsibility for negative outcomes/setbacks
4) Self-doubt – Feeling/believing “I can’t” – lack of faith
5) Love for/Attraction to people, places, things, actions that get in the way of positive goals/outcomes
6) Dislike/repulsion to tasks, people & places that support help you achieve positive goals/outcomes
7) Worry: Focusing on what’s not perfect/What “could” go wrong
8) Blowing up the size/difficulty of goal oriented tasks/decisions
9) Blowing up mistakes, setbacks & delays, criticisms (real or imagined)
10) Disaster thinking – Imagining the worst outcomes/effects
11) Stress reactions in the body – destroys the ability of your “vessel” to accomplish your desired outcomes

These patterns are common to us all in areas where we are not good at something and not great at something.

If you have not mastered a set of actions, look to these 11 and you will see why.

Study this list…

As you ponder each one, you will grow to understand the limitations of many kinds of self-help in its ability to shrink the influence of these automatic, conditioned ways of thinking and acting.

You will see that these patterns are automatic.

They are ways of “being” that we learn throughout our lives.

Most of these patterns are NOT built into us from birth, at least not in every area of life.

They are learned.

Even #11 can be unlearned.

Each Accelerated Success Conditioning program addresses all 11 core failure patterns and their implications…

…this means that if, let’s say , you have the habit of continually imagining negative outcomes (worrying) in a specific area of life, the program(s) we have that address that subject gives you new belief, thought and attitude patterns that directly oppose and work to obliterate the images, sounds and feelings of failure. Through the audible statements, each programs but also teaches and conditions you with rich images, sounds and feelings of success.

This two-pronged process of clearing/releasing the old and installing the new is a remarkably effective way of easily creating lightning fast, emotional and behavioral changes so you can get the results you want that last… with little chance of reverting back to old ways.

So whenever you are upset/frustrated with something, and/or can’t get yourself to do what you want to do as well as you want to do it, look to these 11 reasons as the foundation to all the other problematic emotions and behaviors you want to change.


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