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Practical Anger Management Tips

Anger is an emotion all of us have experienced not just once but lots of times.

Although anger is normal, when left unchecked it can have lots of negative effects on us. It can ruin relationships, ruin careers and in a worst-case scenario, it can even lead to committing a crime.

Therefore it is imperative that we learn how to deal with anger effectively.

Here are some practical anger management tips that you can use:

a. If you have a close friend or family member who is understanding and easy to talk to, it might be good for you to talk to them. As you know when an individual becomes angry this person becomes incapable of seeing the other side of the problem. Talking to someone may help you share your side of the story. It can also help you sort through the issues involved and make the party’s concerned look at (and hopefully clarify) the situation from both sides. This anger management tip may work well for some people.

b. Write down your thoughts and feelings during a fit of anger. You may feel as if nobody understands you or cares about your problems. Sharing may cause extra conflict. Lashing out will get you nowhere. On the other hand writing can help you deal with anger issues. Without anyone to talk back to you or object to what you have to say, writing can help you get your feelings off your chest and out in the open. This anger management technique can also help you identify the “triggers” that cause your angry outbursts. Thus helping you deal more effectively with them. By the way, if you use your computer to write your feelings while in an angry mood please don’t take it out on your keyboard.

c. Another tip that I’ve personally tried is this: Have you ever found yourself so angry with someone that you wanted to pulverize that person? Well you can’t literally do that because that would just make things worse. So one way to handle this situation is to go to the nearest gym and pound away at the heavy bag there. If no gym is available, get a large pillow and lock yourself in your room. Imagine that the pillow is the person who wronged you. Hold the pillow in one hand and punch the pillow as hard as you can with the other hand. Just the mere physical effort of pounding away will feel so good. By the time you’re through, your anger would have drained away. And no harm has been done.

d. Taking a vacation and spending some time alone is another good anger management tip. Temporarily remove yourself from the environment that seems to frustrate and irritate you. Getting away from the situation that triggered your anger may help you to see things differently. And possible solutions to the problem at hand may be identified.

e. Some people suggest prayer and meditation as anger management tips. Both of these suggestions involve very personal practices for an individual. Given a chance to pray and be alone with your thoughts is a good way to release tension and let the pressures of life drain away. Letting go of angry and negative thoughts will definitely make a positive change in your life. Through prayer and meditation you will be able to dig deep into your mind and soul for answers to your problems and comfort for you.

f. Other anger management tips you can use are: deep breathing, exercise, getting more rest, getting out in nature, finding humor in the situation, and playing or listening to music.

Since there are lots of anger management tips to choose from how do you select which one to use? The best guide is this: Select the tip which makes you feel good and drains your anger away without doing you or anyone else any harm.

To sum up: Although anger is normal, we should manage it properly to avoid all the adverse consequences uncontrolled anger can bring. In this article I have listed several practical anger management tips you can use. Just select the tip that drains your anger away and has no adverse consequences and you’ll be fine.

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