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Reach Your Goals Through Mind Control

The “mind control” referred to is control of your own mind, not others. In fact, it is rarely called “Silva Mind Control” or even the “Silva Method” now. Mind Valley, one of the primary organizations that carry on the work of Jose Silva, now calls it “Silva UltraMind.” Jose died peacefully in 1999, and The Silva UltraMind System was his final creation.

Jose Silva was born on August 11, 1914, in Laredo, Texas. His father died when he was four and at six he started selling newspapers, shining shoes, and doing odd jobs. His sister and brother helped him learn to read and write, because he never went to school. He later learned to repair radios, and his repair eventually provided a half-million dollars to finance twenty years of research that led to his mind training systems.

He studied great minds of every discipline – scientists, healers, psychologists, religious gurus, and eastern philosophers. He first presented his Silva Method in 1966 and millions of students in 71 countries took Silva Mind Control courses. Students are shown how to enter an altered state of consciousness, and tap into “higher intelligence in the universe.”

There is a lot going on in our brains that we are unaware of, and that we can “tap into.” Silva goes much further. The training is supposed to help you develop psychic powers and have out-of-body experiences. Whatever we may think of this, there are many satisfied customers, and even famous and successful people that attribute their success to Silva courses.

The methods include the use of visualization and guided imagery, meditation, and self awareness techniques. There is nothing dangerous here, and there is a lot of evidence that shows the usefulness of these methods, even if you don’t believe in psychic powers.

Like the old “Silva Mind Control” courses, the new Silva UltraMind System is designed to help you increase the power of your mind, change your negative thought patterns, and improve your success in relationships, business, and life in general. I use the audio “centering exercise,” and I can tell you that it’s powerful. It will help you meditate.

They are offering the “centering” audio for free, along with a 9-part e-course. No obligation, no credit card required, and they’ll never call you. Why not check it out now? At least use the audio “centering exercise” once, just for the experience.

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