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Seven Ways to Bring Out the Best In Others

Bringing out the best in others is one of the most rewarding things we can do in our relationships. Being even a small part of inspiring or motivating someone else that comes from your heart will not only lift the other person but gives you a natural boost as well. Here as seven ways to help bring out the best in others:

1) Let them know that you love and appreciate them unconditionally. Depending on the relationship, show your unconditional love with your kind words, warm hugs, pats on the back, a gentle caress, a note, card or letter, etc. There are hundreds of ways to express your unconditional love and concern for others.

2) Listen to them, and give their ideas, interests and inspirations value. One of the most harmful things we can do in our relationships is to dismiss or lessen the value of someone else’s passions, interests, or talents. Every person is born with natural interests and abilities that are unique to them. These natural interests and abilities are as much a part of them as is the color of their eyes or the shape of the nose on their face.

They need expression for these vital parts of their being. Listen to them, not just by listening to only their spoken words, although that is an important part of listening, but also pay attention to what they do or how they act out their interests and abilities.

3) Compliment them. Because most people need approval from others, it is important to give them uplifting messages and positive feedback.

4) Give them space. Everyone and everything needs space to grow. Too much interference, even though it may be well-meaning, can smother their need for creativity and self-exploration, and other lessons they need to learn such as resilience, independence, confidence, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment.

5) Never ridicule or make fun of their earnest and heartfelt activities in which they are expressing their uniqueness. Instead, help them to see humor in certain situations, and laugh with them, but never at them.

6) Be on the lookout for information that is in their area of interest such as classes, articles, photos, etc. Clip out the information if it is in a newspaper or magazine; copy and paste if you found it on the internet; or send them a link to the information in an email. Not only can you be helpful in giving them relevant information, these acts will show them your support and encouragement.

7) Everyone becomes discouraged at times, and as a special someone in their life, notice when those times occur, and give them extra words of encouragement at those times.

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